Peach Ultra Vixens: Asian Fever

Peach Ultra Vixens: Asian Fever

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Peach goes Asian this time by presenting the same erotic flair of their Ultra Vixens series and combining it with an exotic stable of ethnic beauties. Copyright (C) Muze Inc. 2005. For personal use only. All rights reserved.
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Peach Ultra Vixens: Asian Fever Specs:
Product NamePeach Ultra Vixens: Asian Fever
ManufacturerVentura Distribution
Retail Price $19.99
Release Date2003-01-01
Actor(s)Teanna Kai
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Latest 5 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Peach Ultra Vixens: Asian Fever
3 Star Rating  "Five amazing women, one insufferable emcee, & a thousand missed opportunities" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Ventura, CA
These women are all knockouts--delightful expressions of Asian beauty. As far as I can tell, four of the five use implants, but the industry is getting better & more subtle all the time; at least no one in this presentation has that basketballs-glued-to-the-chest look. The naturally-endowed gal, though somewhat flat-chested in comparison, is still scorching in her overall sexual presence.

Why three stars then? Unlike my favorite Peach DVD ("Peach Obsession: Rachel"--highly recommended), hardly any emphasis is put here on eye contact with the viewer, & it's distracting to the point of frustration when the models are consistently looking to the right or left of us for--what? Direction? Still shots? We're not sure, but one thing's certain: The home viewer takes second place to whatever's happening over there. This happens in virtually every performance.

There are almost none of my favorite: rear-view-with-eye-contact shots--on the entire disc. What a shame, because every one of these women has great buns, & a couple would be considered perfect in this department. Some segments include little if any focus on derrieres at all.

As regards overall camera work, again & again we at home take second place to those on the set, & this pretty much takes all the fun out of it for me. Also, for some odd reason, a majority of the lingering, up-close, "Here I am!" shots are only from the bosom up (including breasts). Whoopee.

Some of the sessions are too long; some models can handle, & successfully entertain & arouse for, extended periods, but it becomes apparent, by dint of obvious repetitiveness, when that time has passed & better editing would have improved that chapter. This happens in a few segments.

Our "host"--a Caucasian man who introduces a couple of the episodes--epitomizes, in demeanor, "accent," & cheap Halloween outfit, every tawdry, overused, demeaning Oriental stereotype one can think of; I probably could've done without that. It's not SO bad that the DVD "menu" is laid out in the form of an Oriental food menu...

All in all, worth a rent for sure, or a bargain purchase--but a bit of a sad waste of outstanding beauty!
5 Star Rating  "Peach's finest to date." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from USA
Softcore doesn't come much more enjoyable. "Ultra Vixens: Asian Fever" is Peach's most sustained effort to date. The opening salvo in this fine series contains no recycled stuff as of the time of its appearance, and is chock full of extras. Best of all, it serves up one smoking stroker of a nude scene after another, with some of the hottest Asian temptresses on the internet.

Models include, in sequence:

1. Linda Tran, Teanna Kai, & Felicia Tang
2. Akira Lane
3. Linda Tran
4. Felicia Tang
5. Josie Lee
6. Felicia Tang & Teanna Kai
7. Linda Tran
8. Teanna Kai
9. Josie Lee
10. Akira Lane & Josie Lee

Chapter one sets the tone, with Linda Tran, Teanna Kai, and Felicia Tang frolicking wet and au naturel, rubbing their frisky hardbodies together in a fountain. It really makes for an eye-popping opener. While it's true that this multi-angle segment's been reprised and used to pad other releases, I believe it appeared here first. Akira Lane's up next, posing nude in the California sun against a brilliant blue sky. Akira's a big-boobed girl with curves in all the right places, albeit with some tummy chubbiness. She's a knockout, though, and is obviously having great fun being an exhibitionist. Her attitude's contagious.

Linda Tran is always a welcome sight on these kinds of discs. Linda has a killer smile, plus one of the most amazing butts I've seen. She's easily as glamorous as anyone here, but half her appeal is that simultaneously, she also manages to come across as very much the cute girl next door. My favorite, Felicia Tang, is also well represented by three fantastic chapters, including a solo where she writhes completely naked by a waterfall, and two fantasies with other ladies. Of the latter, one shows Felicia and Teanna Kai washing a Mercedes in a driveway on a scorching, hot day. This is another multi-angle bit that's been replayed several times on other Peach offerings, but again, I think it was available here initially. Josie Lee, a cute, pigtailed model with whom I was previously unfamiliar, is also glimpsed in three erotic vignettes, two with her alone, and one a steamy, girl-girl grope co-starring Akira (also multi-angle). I liked her a lot, and hope to see more.

My sole complaint about this DVD is that there's no chapter index to view these individually, a curious omission. One opts to "Play All," and fast forwards as desired, and that's about it. Of the special features, I particularly appreciated the inclusion of commentary with some of the women (Felicia, Akira, and Linda). These show good cheer on the part of everyone who's interviewed, as far as how they feel about the crazy thing they do for a living (and God bless 'em, each and every one, for doing so). It's funny how certain questions that I'd really like to hear the answers to never quite seem to come up, though (for instance, "How does your family feel about what you're doing?"). Well, maybe next time.

There's also a clever "Take Your Order" interactive game, where the viewer gets to choose from a list comprised of Akira, Josie, Felicia, Teanna and Linda. The player's asked to select which exotic food is each girl's favorite, and three correct answers in a row yield bonus video centerfolds.

Peach has yet to match the level of enthusiasm that clearly went into creating this. Happily, this excellent title continues with 2004's "Ultra Vixens - Asians II" and 2006's "Ultra Vixens: Asians III."
5 Star Rating  "Peach Ultra Vixens- Asian Fever DVD Guy review" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Boulder, CO
I think Peach did great DVD. It is one of the best DVDs I have ever seen. To me all of the women in the DVD are good looking. The three I liked the most were Felicia Tang, Akira Lane, and Teanna Kai. Felicia Tang was the best looking one of them all. I loved all three parts she was in. The part in the DVD I like the most is when Felicia Tang and Teanna Kai got together and had themself's a little car wash. That was very very very very hot. In short I liked or loved everything in it and did not dislike anything in it. I know they have a two but I think they need to make more.
4 Star Rating  "Now that's what I mean....." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Cleveland,OH
This video is a good showcase of sexy Asian women. Peach has done well with this video. Professionally done, as are most of Peach's products.

Forget Asians II with massive silicone. That was mediocre in comparison. This DVD features all attractive,sexy women with silicone that doesn't overwhelm or look phony. Different sizes to satisfy all. Hot is the term that describes this DVD quite well. Good job.
4 Star Rating  "HOTT!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
Teanna Kai and Felicia Tang are definitely the stars of this DVD. Beautiful, with perfect bodies. Funny behind the scenes footage and a bonus scene worth finding!
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