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CheckMark Payroll is a complete payroll system for companies with anywhere from one to 500 employees. It runs on its own as a standalone application, and also integrates with CheckMark MultiLedger, QuickBooks, and most popular accounting systems. Installation takes seconds and leaves users ready for any payroll challenge they can imagine.

Payroll lets users set up employees quickly with the employee template, and allows users to automate payroll calculations for each employee. It comes loaded with current tax tables for federal income tax and all 50 states. Using the MMREF-1 format, users can file W-2s electronically. CheckMark Payroll prints to a variety of forms, including checks, W-2s, W-3s, and the 941. It even has built-in Internet direct deposit capabilities.

Comprehensive management options are available: Payroll can distribute hours to departments or to jobs created in CheckMark MultiLedger. It can import employee hours from spreadsheet and time-clock software, and track sick and vacation time on a monthly, pay period, or per-hour-worked basis. Purchase of Payroll includes 60 days of free technical support.
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Channel Sources Prcd-win-mac-2012 Checkmark Payroll Win / MacChannel Sources Prcd-win-mac-2012 Checkmark Payroll Win / Mac
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Product NameCheckmark Payroll
ManufacturerChannel Sources
Product Number MPNPR-W3.6M6.2
Retail Price $249.00
Weight2 lbs.


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Checkmark Payroll
3 Star Rating  "Program:Good. Reports:BAD" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from SC
The program works well and is easy to use. However, as a payroll professional we cannot use this program because the quality of the output is so bad. The reports are cheap looking and difficult to read. They could definitely use some creative support in the design department. You can get the info you need but the forms are ugly, hard to read because of the design, and out-dated looking. Although we liked the function of the program, we ultimately decided the reports were of such poor quality that we wouldn't put our name on it to give to our clients. It made us look cheap!
1 Star Rating  "Beware of mandatory updates !" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I bought this program thinking it would save a lot of time. Yes, it does once you've manually set up your state & local withholdings. But be prepared to shell out money each year to keep it operational even though the manual says the updates aren't mandatory. THIS IS FALSE !

The real problem I have with the product is that you need to buy a mandatory update each year ($125) in order to access the W2 forms for the current year. For example, I bought this in 2007 and ran my company payroll through it. Now that I want to print W2 forms for 2007 I HAVE TO BUY THE 2008 UPDATE - This is BS !! (bait and switch marketing).

So your real cost will be $165 PLUS $125 update just to use it in the current year.

Of course these subtlties don't surface until after the 60 day customer support period is over at which point Checkmark will be glad to charge you for this information. I'm giving it here for free !
5 Star Rating  "Basic" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Virginia Beach, VA United States
For my 4 person practice its more than adequate. Support is a little shabby but the human you eventually speak to could not be nicer. Fax in the registration right away to get the 60-day free support.
3 Star Rating  "Does the job but :" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
Found this more difficult to use than the simple Quicken payroll I used on my PC. Switched to Checkmark b/c Quicken does not work on Mac. I preferred the print outs more in Quickpay. I found some of the data I put in as for example : hours rates were changed in the calculations and I had to go back and correct them manually.
Admittedly, some of this may be due to my inexperience.
2 Star Rating  "Very Narrow in Scope" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Pompano Beach, FL United States
I need to be able to generate 1099 forms as well as W-2, but this program assumes that you never have to deal with contractors. For crying out loud, would it really be that difficult to include a template? And of course, the competing manufacturers' business software will allow you to print 1099 forms--unless you have a Mac, like I do.
5 Star Rating  "Checkmark is Great!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I was in search of a payroll software. After reading the reviews posted on Amazon, I decided to try the software for myself. I went Checkmark's website and downloaded the demo version. I was intimidated at first, but after an hour of playing with the software, I became very comfortable with it. I decided to purchase the software, and it has been a great investment. Instead of paying a outsource payroll company, I have saved thousands of dollars by doing it myself.
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