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  • Compact and Portable
  • Simple Proven 7-second Exercises
  • Fast and Long Lasting Results
  • Men & Women, Any Age
  • No Heavy Weights to Lift
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Product NameBullworker
ManufacturerReeves International
Retail Price $79.95
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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Bullworker
5 Star Rating  "Best Overall Workout Product" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I just wanted to say that The Bullworker X-5 is the very best piece of "Workout" equipment I have. Buy following the workout schedule (easy to follow instructional poster ) from beginner to advanced. I've seen "Dramatic" results...It's small, But gives you a big gym workout for your whole body. You even get some cardio benefits from this product. In one month....My body has transformed..Where I had the belly fat and love handles is now muscle. My abbs are well defined.. And where my chest and arms were small and out of shape...I now look like a person who has been working out for years...It also exercises your neck, butt, calf's, and all your leg muscles. I can't say enough about this Compact Gym.
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN United States
Hi! Would someone please comment here on if this comes with a manual or wall workout chart? THANKS!
5 Star Rating  "Bullworker is superb" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User

I've been using my Bullworker for about ten years now (the same one). This alone speaks for it's durability. The principle is simple - the harder you press or pull against it the more resistance it generates. This is what makes it such a superb muscle building device. It's portable and easy to store. The range of exercises it can be used for is enormous and it will allow you to build up any of your muscle groups. I can't praise this highly enough. The Bullworker is one of the best things I've ever purchased. I must have saved a fortune in gym costs over the years.
4 Star Rating  "So far it's really good!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I bought a bullworker X-5 gold from the bullworker USA site. I've had it now for about three weeks. No gains as of yet, but the workouts are good.

The reason I gave it a four instead of a five is because some of the exercises are a little hard on the tendons. I did exactly what the workout chart (Sold separately *Laughs*) said, and lately I've had some problems in my elbows. Nothing major, but some pains that I can feel post-workout for a few hours. The pains do not last long as of yet, however. I can bend my arm, and flex without any pain, but I might not be able to after my workout. It will inevitably go away in a few hours though. On the contrary: Some of the exercises pop my joints for me, and it is relaxing. :)

(Subjective) I might also consider the length as well. The bullworker is not long on me (I'm 5'10" and a half, with an arm span of 73 inches), but I can see people that have shorter limbs (Another note: I'm ectomorphic) possibly having trouble with it. That's where the steel bow comes in! *Laughs* :D

Some of the exercises and movements are really impressive, and innovative. I love the inner thigh exercise where you put your forearms in between your legs, and press it inward. That freaked me out! I didn't think it was going to work like that! Ha.

I have no *major* gains physically that I know of (I'm pressing it down a little more), but I am using this to help me prepare for Basic Military Training and Survival school. I'm sure the power is going to come when I start doing isomotion, and isotonic workouts. Next week I can start doing reps with it instead of holds, so I am sure that is when the tension will start breeding more strength and power.

I think it's a good complement with my other training (Elastic steel, some cardio because it's 40 degrees in the panhandle somehow, as well as others), and while I probably can't take it with me to basic: I plan on bringing it with me to my first duty station after I return on Christmas break to get it.

It's the bowflex that fits in your hand. All you need is a chair for some of the exercises. ^_^

Great workout, but take it slow!
5 Star Rating  "Excellent Battle Tested Machine!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from ELLSWORTH, KS USA
I am NOT new with Bullworker. I had a Bullworker when I was 18. My uncle gave his one. It was his baby in his young age! In my busy student and part time work schedule, that was like a friend to me!

I am now at my 39, decided to buy the X5 Gold. Because the web advertise says it is improved. I was curious. I open the pack and the first thing was shock and awe. Why? read the following:-

The Pulling Strap: Previously I had Cable. Cable was very slippery to pull for some exercise, specially the AB Exercise. The double nylon strap makes it whole lot easy and 100% better.

The Side Handle: Previous one was little small this one is perfect.

The Bar: Wow! It is scale metered with a ring. You can slide the indicator ring each time, to one side touching the side bar. Then press to do your exercise and see from the ring indicator how far you can go (40 or 60 or 70).

The Middle Bar: A whole new plastic grip to perform the exercise. Earlier, holding the steel tubes to squeeze on each other (like two metal tube, outer tube over the inner tube) was really difficult. They slipped all the time. X5 Gold has an all new design. So easy, so excellent. Brilliant German engineering.

I am encouraging my wife and my son also to use it. This machine is not a come and go device that pops up in the `As seen on TV' and disappears in 6 months. This machine was much before I was born (so as many of you, as I have mentioned I am 39 now). This machine delivers and this machines works!

We all spend money on soda and pop and pizza to spoil out body but honestly, spending money on this machine is worth of its every dime. Because this machine is time tested Fat Burning battle tool & Muscle Building weapon.
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I Have owned and used a Bullworker since I was 18 in 1971. I am now 54 and look great for my age. I owe a lot of that to this device.
I was in the U.S. Army for 22 years and took one everywhere I was stationed. It's compact shape made it easy to pack in a duffle bag.
Unlike expensive weight sets and other home gyms, you are working against your own body's strength. You can't "set the bar to high" and hurt or over strain yourself if you follow the instructions.
It is easy to use. Just follow the wall chart, and get into comfortable clothes and you can workout in your living room, hotel room, or barracks room. Over time you will memorize the exercises and not need the chart. No need to go to a gym and wait for a turn on a machine, with other sweaty people, and some annoying music being blasted in the background.
More advanced boby builders might not find this a complete effective workout device. When I was younger I supplemented my workouts with the Bullworker before running or lifting. Now, I basically just use it alone. For those who want to strengthen and tone with a short workout, the Bullworker is very effective.
I highly endorse this product. Get a Bullworker before you spend 10 times more on a Bowflex or other home gyms. Use it regularly and you will see results.

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