Philips Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds (Black) HE591
Philips Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds Black

Philips Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds (Black) HE591



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  • 24k gold-plated plug and 3.9-foot cable length
  • Black ear bud headphones with patented virtual surround sound technology
  • 15 mm speaker elements enhance sound quality
  • Flexi-grip connection protects cable from damage
Product Description
Enjoy virtual surround sound with these powerful little Philips Surround Sound Earbuds. The patented reflected-speaker design creates a virtual surround sound effect for an incredible listening experience. Features: 24K gold-plated plug; unique flexible molded-rubber carrying case; asymmetric cabling system for wearing convenience; FlexiGrip connection that prevents cable damage; and a 3.9' cord.
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Philips Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds (Black) HE591 Specs:
Product NamePhilips Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds (Black) HE591
Product Number MPNB0001OY2VS
Retail Price $26.95
Dimensions9.8 x 7 x 4.9 in.
Weight1 lbs.


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Philips Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds (Black) HE591
5 Star Rating  "Great Value!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Utah
I have owned quite a few headsets of all types. Philips have always been among the best. The HE591 fit my ear better than any I've tried. I have a friend who wanted to show off his iPod and his expensive earbuds which cost over $100 and even he admitted there was no substantial difference. These have excellent treble and deep bass for a full sound of all types of music. I have never been disappointed in Philips earbuds.
3 Star Rating  "Ok under the right circumstances" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
These headphones are great if you're not in a noisy environment. The sound quality is rich and full but is easily drowned in outside noise.
3 Star Rating  "Excellent Sound, I've owned six pair, two are functional due to lost parts." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Iowa
These earbuds offer excellent low volume dynamics and sound quality. I keep buying them for their sound quality.

But, the reason I rated them a 3 star instead of the 5 star they deserve, is the fact that the rubber earpieces come off FAR TOO EASILY and they are tranlucent, so on the office carpet they blend in, disappear and are gone forever. I recommend getting a pair of these and using JB weld to glue the rubber to the earpieces so you'll at least get eight months of use out of them before even the JB Weld give out.

So I have six pair of these headphones, only two have their rubber earpieces remaining. The rest sit. If the rubber pieces were at least neon green or yellow you'd be able to see them against the carpet's pattern before housekeeping vacuums them up!

5 Star Rating  "Great Sound, Unreliable construction." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Philadelphia, PA
I love these earbuds so much, that I buy them 2 at a time. I work a physically demanding job where I'm bending and squatting and walking and standing, and when I work, I tangle the cord up a lot. After about 3 months I have to get a new pair because of my over use, but they are worth it.

the Virtual Surround Sound is amazing as well. I listen at low volumes and you can hear each instrument receive it's fair share in each song. vocal heavy songs are amazing too, since the vocals sort of float to your ears in a way I can't describe. The higher the volume, the more distorted the songs become though, but I rarely listen at high volumes though.

In the end, I'll try to buy up as many of these as I can, because this is truly the perfect ear bud for me. It's not too bass heavy, and it's great for vocal songs.

5 Star Rating  "Still working well after 2 years" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Pickerington, Ohio
I have owned these for about 2 years and they have stood up to daily use. The sound quality is good enough for me, I'm not an audio engineer or anything that might make me a discerning observer, but the sound quality is some of the best I've had for head phones in this price range. The clear rubber ear "fittings" will come off the ear piece so be careful not to loose them.
2 Star Rating  "Good sound, but poorly engineered for the ear." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I bought this product, based on the impressive display and characteristics the container boasted. While the product does deliver great surround sound other impressive characteristics, this product's good characteristics are quickly outweighed by its one most problematic circumstance-They fall out very quickly usually 2-3 minutes after applying them. To ensure that the earbuds sustain themselves in your ear, you basically have to thrust them into your ear, an deep within them to the point it hurts at that. I would not recommend this product at all, not because its has horrible sound quality, but because its tendency to repeatedly fall from your ears disallows you to efficiently listen to and keep comfort with your music.
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