HoMedics Style Spa Deluxe with Built-In Nail Dryer MAN-170
HoMedics Style Spa Deluxe

HoMedics Style Spa Deluxe with Built-In Nail Dryer MAN-170



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A professional manicure does wonders for a girl's confidence -- but thins her wallet. Get permanently gorgeous nails with this 15-piece kit. The perfecting attachments shape, file, and polish nails.
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HoMedics Style Spa Deluxe with Built-In Nail Dryer MAN-170 Specs:
Product NameHoMedics Style Spa Deluxe with Built-In Nail Dryer MAN-170
Product Number MPN03126201109
Retail Price $22.99


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the HoMedics Style Spa Deluxe with Built-In Nail Dryer MAN-170
5 Star Rating  "worked best for me" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Baltimore, MD
This product does its job very well. You need to be carefull and patient when using this item.If you rush trimming your nails, you will hurt yourself. It is true almost about many items that you use on a daily bases. Consider you are impatient and not carefull when using a hot water kettle, you'll burn yourself. People who complained about this product had to use it slowely, but surely.I highly recommend this product.
4 Star Rating  "Be proud of your finger nails and your toe nails" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I used to spend at least $ 20.00 a month for a manucurist to 'do' my nails
I decided I could do almost as good a job if I bought this little item.....
I got it and the more I use it the better I get at doing my nails..the part
I enjoy most is I get compliments on my nails all the time and it has cost me nothing for my nails to look great. With the economy like it is why spend any money you don't HAVE to...but you don't have to look shabby either.

Gelene Matonti
5 Star Rating  "dont listen to the other reviews!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from New York City, NY
okay, so i got this item for my dog, yes my DOG, she is fussy and hates to have her nails clipped and I for one am deathly afraid of clipping her nails too short and hurting her, so i've gone to weekly peticures on all her paws, the unit is sturdy, the bits are great and of course if you apply too much pressure it will stop turning, this is a nail file and buffer, not a dremmel. the charge lasts week after week, and it is worth the money. don't let those other reviewers throw you off b/c they say "oh its too weak!" or "Oh! when you press hard it stops turning" NO KIDDING!? like i said, its a buffer, not a DREMMEL tool! don't hesitate to buy this item, it works like a charm :)
5 Star Rating  "Great Product" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from AZ
This product was a great buy. I bought this as a gift for my 15 year old daughter, she loves it. The initial charge was a bit long I thought, but that is to be expected with any rechargable item. It does everything that it claims to and she is thrilled with it. This product is well worth the price.
3 Star Rating  "Use with caution?" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Norfolk UK
I am a customer from England and have found all the customer reviews on this product extremely helpful as I am looking for a suitable home pedicure/manicure system to use in between visits to a professionally trained chiropodist/podiatrist and manicurist.

Nailcare and care of the hands and feet is extremely important as all kinds of injuries can lead to greater health problems/infections (especially for persons with diabetes).

My impression of this product is that it has very useful attachments (more so than the Revlon system which I purchased in the UK).

I can see the point about it being like a dentist's instrument. As a dental surgery assistant I agree that it is very similar to the kind of attachments that we use for filing and shaping teeth - especially prosthetics - in the surgery, and must therefore be used with great care as the attachments could cause a lot of damage.

I was tempted to buy the Homedics system as I thought that using the appliance as gently as possible might be useful - but the comment about the appliance being difficult to charge up/recharge for use has made me decide not to purchase this particular appliance.

I hope that the manufacturers of this appliance will take note of their customers' comments and attempt to produce a much better product.

Bearing in mind my comments about damage to the extremeties (hands and feet) it could be a potentially dangerous product for diabetic patients if injury occurs with its use.
5 Star Rating  "manicure system for nurses" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
we purchased this item to use for our elderly patients that require more than a simple nail file. The tool is easy to use and works great.
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