Emjoi Blade, Classic Shaving Kit for Men
Emjoi Blade, Classic Shaving Kit for Men

Emjoi Blade, Classic Shaving Kit for Men



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The Classic Gold Shaving Kit has a unique way of shaving your face utilizing a Patented three-directional razor blade.Their safety guard system produces a close shave without irritation or nicks. The shavers curved design reaches all angles of the face.-Included: Black/Gold Handle, Storage Case, 12 Blade Cartridges -Fast - Three well-placed blades offer the closest shave in just one stroke. -Economical - Fewer strokes result in a longer blade life. -Smooth - Three blades at three different angles lead to a closer and smoother shave. -Safe - Unique safety guards mean no skin irritation, no scratches and no cuts. -Effective - Curved design reaches all angles of your face. -Hygienic - Hydrodynamic design allows for easy and thorough cleaning-Ergonomic - Blade handle is balanced for comfort and control. -Classic Look - A breakthrough technology is combined with old-fashioned barbershop style.
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Emjoi Blade, Classic Shaving Kit for Men Specs:
Product NameEmjoi Blade, Classic Shaving Kit for Men
Product Number MPN79126803002
Retail Price $39.99


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Here is what people are saying about the Emjoi Blade, Classic Shaving Kit for Men
1 Star Rating  "If you like pulling out your facial hair, you'll love this." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from MA United States
This is a horrible product. It literally felt like it was pulling out my hairs instead of shaving them. The $7 Schick Hydro 3 is by far a better product.

Don't buy this unless you like pulling out your facial hairs...using a tweezers would be better.
5 Star Rating  "My husband love this razor!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from usa
I purchased this razor for my husband and he just loves it. Also, it comes with 12 blades, I did not know that when I purchased it!! He said that it gives him the best shave that he has ever had.
2 Star Rating  "Inconsistant shave" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I have had problems with the blades that came with this razor. Some are sharp and shave smooth, then the next one is very dull!! What kind of blades work in this razor? I like the razor, but it needs better more consistant blades. I will return it if I can't get better blades.

Dave Baker
5 Star Rating  "How the Emjoi Razor is like an electric toothbrush" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Santa Fe, NM USA
Remember when you first used an electric toothbrush? How you marveled that you could get the same clean teeth at home that you got at your dentist's office? That's how I feel after my first shave with my new Emjoi razor: it is completely different from, and utterly better than, any other 2- or 3- or 4-blade razor made by the big companies with the big ad budgets. No turning back, indeed. It was clear, from my first shave, that this razor was well worth the money. Comes with a handy carrying case and travel sleeve that fits over the blades, and with twelve cartridges. I'd never heard of this brand before seeing it well-reviewed on Amazon. I was looking for an electric razor, since I was so fed up with how soon my 3-blade cartridges wore out. Fortunately, Emjoi's razor came up in my search. Emjoi can't improve on this product, unless they make blades that could be resharpened or recycled and make the packaging less excessive. Those minor considerations don't shave a point off my 5 star rating, however. Best purchase I've made in a long time. It is the iPhone of razors.
5 Star Rating  "Don't look back" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from USA
Excellent shave. The Emjoi is a must if you have a problem with neck acne and breakouts. Puts the big company razors to shame. The full kit here actually includes 12 blades -- enough to make it the better buy when you need new blades. The blades are pretty hard to come by, so I buy them on Amazon every time.
5 Star Rating  "It puts those other drugstore razors out to pasture." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Kalamazoo, Michigan United States
I have this razor but don't use it. (?) I just think it looks great so I'm saving it for a backup razor. Yes I use an Emjoi razor, but it's the basic handle. I've used 1 blade as long as I could and it was still shaving close at 3 weeks! I changed it just for the sake of getting a new blade. These razors should be in the HBA section of all stores. The Mack 3 from Gilette, and quatro from Schick can't even last that long. The handle is hefty and is easy to hold on to. It has good balance and comfort. I also have some of the desposables and they are okay, but for some reason they feel awkword in my big hand. Good for travel though. The closeness of the shave is between excelent and great! I've not had a nick since using this razor. I highly recommend it. The blades are hard to find in a store, but I got some on line for a good price so I stocked up. I'll probably not have to buy blades for 3 years! :) No more drugstore blades or razors for me as long as I can find the blades on line. Good day.
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