DEWALT DW7461 Heavy Duty Sliding Table
DEWALT DW7461 Heavy Duty Sliding Table

DEWALT DW7461 Heavy Duty Sliding Table



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  • Large angle cuts made quick and easy
  • Easily Locks out of the Way
  • High Accuracy
Product Description
Features: 30" cross-cut capacity at 90º. * Precision machined cast iron table, 16-3/8" x 27". * Industrial self cleaning slides. * DeWALTprecision mitering guide 21" at 45º. * Quick action lock and release.
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DEWALT DW7461 Heavy Duty Sliding Table Specs:
Product NameDEWALT DW7461 Heavy Duty Sliding Table
Product Number MPNDW7461
Retail Price $738.00
Dimensions35.5 x 20 x 5 in.
Weight115 lbs.
Last Updated:27-July-2015
Deal first added on:4-January-2005
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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the DEWALT DW7461 Heavy Duty Sliding Table
4 Star Rating  "Nice Addition" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from NJ
I got this with a new DW746. I really like this slider. I had a Sliding miter table on my Craftsman 21829 so I was a big fan of the concept. This one is a big step up. It is much sturdier and has a wider and longer capacity. The shipping was harsh on the packaging. Fine tuning the set up was finicky as well. I took off 1 star for those 2 issues. Now that I have gotten it set up I can reliably get square cuts along a 30" crosscut and keep my fingers well out of the way.

I like the consistency, the reliability and the safety of this add-on. Although it is not a necessity, it is a nice addition. The other feature I like is that there are two tabs in the miter slot that get tightened to hold the miter gauge in place for the sliding table. These tabs can also be used to hold shop-made feather boards thin strip jigs in place in the miter slot.

So in summary a well made nice to have accessory for your saw. Based on the price it's justified more if you do a lot of panels.
5 Star Rating  "Very Pleased with Purchase" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I received my sliding table today and installed it on my 746 with no problems. Many of the reviews have described problems with the mitre assembly being sloppy and inaccurate, but I must have received an improved/updated unit because mine is tight and spot-on. Really nice kit.
Amazon delivered in two days which was impressive as well.
4 Star Rating  "Good product" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Austin, TX
My experience so far isn't different than many others. I like the table a lot. Like many, I'm sure, I lifted the nasty up there by myself and thought I was going to lose 11 of my 10 fingers for the momentary insanity. As luck would have it, I remain whole--in body anyway, but it is a pretty heavy table. Anyway, it was packed well and undamaged when I got it. My only complaint so far is the same as you've read here. The miter gauge has play even after I went through the prerequisite rituals of tightening anything that looked like it might tighten. I tried rigging something, and I tried facing the table toward Mecca while prostrating myself. Finally, the only thing that worked was getting online and buying a worthy replacement for the miter gauge. I'm taking the dewalt miter gauge in the house and see if I can't work my way through the system to see where it's breaking down.
3 Star Rating  "Not as good as I thought it would be" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Lakes Region, New Hampshire
I purchased this accessory over a year ago. I liked the weight it added to the table. Set up was not a problem. The three biggest issues I found were: 1) Alignment, I've aligned this table three times now to get the travel parallel with the saw table. My cuts are inconsistent with no change to material or miter guage settings, meaning I'm recutting the same board multiple times in succession with different results. The travel just seems to change with each pass. This makes square cuts really difficult even with the miter guage set properly. I verified this by replacing the Miter gauage that came with the sliding table and using the original stock guage, then using a T square to ensure material squareness and create a square pencil guide line to follow the saw tracking. Cuts range from a 1/32 to 1/8 an inch out of square. I will say that some of this may be operator error as the stock miter guage does't have enough support for large material so maybe the material is moving but not all of it is me. 2) Miter Guage, like others I'm in disbelief that the guage has so much play in it. Even when locked down "tight". I think this is also contributing to non-square cuts. 3) What's with the table lock? Even when locked, the table routinely slides if slightly bumped. Pretty flimsy and yes I did try adjusting the lock bolt. Overall I gave this three stars largely becuase if I use the table with the fence, the table really helps move stock through the saw easily while the fence keeps it square IF I only use the miter to as additional support (not for accuracy). So in this case the table is improving accuracy and ease. But not as intended. If I could do it again, I would do what I'm planning on doing now: buy an Incra Miter Sled. Sorry DeWalt you win some, you lose some. This's not a winner.
1 Star Rating  "Poor mitre gauge." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from West Palm Beach, FL
This attachment is a waste of money for one simple reason: The mitre gauge flexes left to right when set so there is no way to get a perfectly square cut. It doesn't matter how tightly locked in everything is, the fence on the mitre will move. I called Dewalt directly to see if there was a fix for this. They told me they were aware of the issue but that it was not a significant variance to warrant a manufacturing correction.
5 Star Rating  "Dewalt DW7461 Heavy Duty Sliding Table Accessory" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Mundelein, IL
After looking at a few of the add on Sliding Miter Tables, I chose the Dewalt model because it was made for my saw. Additionally, it was the best constructed model in the group investigated. Very robust and accurate. You will need an extra set of hands as this unit is heavy. It would be difficult to lift and set in place by yourself. The unit also comes with a Dewalt Miter Gage so you are ready to accurately cut miters, etc., with this package. Easy to use. No flexing to deal with so all cuts are square and accurate. The kit also comes with an anti-tip bracket that mounts to the saw side below the sliding table accessory. This is a very good attachment to a very good saw!
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