Hitachi C10RA2 10 Portable Table Saw with Metal Stand
Hitachi C10RA2 10" Portable Table Saw

Hitachi C10RA2 10" Portable Table Saw with Metal Stand



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  • Includes metal stand, a $79.99 value
  • High-quality rip fence with cam-locking action
  • 15 amp, 5,000 rpm motor
  • See-through blade guard

Editorial Review
The Hitachi 10-inch table saw is a lightweight portable that packs plenty of power and prices in the midrange of portable table saws. We've come to think of a good-quality rip fence as perhaps the most important feature of any table saw, and the Hitachi has a nicely finished, easily adjusted fence that feels sturdy and well mounted. The cam-lock handle is easy to operate and holds the fence firmly in place. The bevel adjustment is simply designed and operates smoothly. The handle pulls out to disengage and move the blade in large increments, then pushes back in for crank-turn microadjustments. However, we found a flaw with the Hitachi's poorly designed bevel lock. This rather small lever is mounted alongside the crank handle. As the blade tilts, the lever moves with it. The problem comes when the blade is tilted to a full 45-degree angle: in that position, the lever is tucked up close under the table and is very hard to tighten. This drawback probably isn't enough to dissuade true Hitachi loyals, who appreciate the power and durability of the famous Hitachi motor, but an improvement here would make this decent and reliable saw a top contender. The Hitachi doesn't feature the extendable fence for ripping four-by-eight panel material like the Bosch and DeWalt saws, but at $150 less than those tools, it's a solid and affordable performer. --Mark McDonald
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Hitachi C10RA2 10" Portable Table Saw with Metal Stand Specs:
Product NameHitachi C10RA2 10" Portable Table Saw with Metal Stand
Product Number MPNC10RA2
Retail Price $654.95
Dimensions40.8 x 26.9 x 19.9 in.
Weight61 lbs.
Last Updated:27-August-2015
Deal first added on:4-January-2005


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Hitachi C10RA2 10" Portable Table Saw with Metal Stand
5 Star Rating  "It Works! But read the instructions." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Jacksonville, FL
Deed Covenants require that I keep my roof clear of black mold. That is difficult when you live in Florida. In the past, I had to hire, at an expense of $150.00 to $200.00, a company to do the roof cleaning. The last service company killed my lawn around the patio because it was not protected from the the cleaning liquid that ran off the roof, which contains bleach. Heard an ad on the radio for Wet & Forget. Investigated and purchased it through Amazon. With the help of my neighbor, we applied it to the roof of my home about a month ago and it is working. And it hasn't killed any of my plants, shrubs or lawn.
You MUST read the instructions first!!!!! The bottle has a large red removable label attached to the cap and down the side of the bottle that has to be removed to open the container. That red label encourages the user to "first read the instructions". That red tag is actually funny too . . . so please read it. I also recommend that you go to the Wet & Forget website and read the FAQ's about it: [...] It provides information that is very helpful.
So far, 2 others in my neighborhood have followed my lead. IT DOES TAKE TIME TO WORK, BUT IT DOES WORK. The more severe the mold infestation the longer it takes to work . . . but it will kill the mold. I am going to buy more for use on my walks, fence, etc. If you want immediate results, use "Clorox ProResults Outdoor" bleach sold at The Home Depot or hire a professional cleaning company, and then cross your fingers and hope the bleach doesn't kill the "flora or fauna" around you house.
4 Star Rating  "Ridiculous Price" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from MS
This is an absolutely ridiculous price for this item. Lowe's sold it regularly for $279, and, if you can find a store that has it at it's clearance price of $153, because the new RA3 is replacing it with only a minor difference...the dust collection system...go get it quick.
5 Star Rating  "Worth the Price" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Louisville KY
I'm a professional trim carpenter, and I've been very happy with my Hitachi saw. Some of the reviews I've read have been negative on the Hitachi because they're comparing the Hitachi with $1000 and up table saws. The Hitachi is good for those who have a larger table saw and want something to use on-site, and it's fine for the average homeowner. The saw is great because it's portable, light, no-frills... It also has a nice motor as well. It's the best $300 tabel saw you can buy, and I like it more than the Bosch, which I also own and is much heavier.
2 Star Rating  "I won't be fooled again" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Seattle, WA
First off, don't believe Amazon's "list price." This saw would NEVER go for more than $300. And justifiably so, because it's not worth even that.
At first it seemed like a well-built saw for the money, but as is usually the case with power tools, you get what you pay for. The 10RA2 has a decent, but not great motor, and it's very loud. You also play hell getting an accurate cut on it because of arbor flex and difficulties fine tuning blade alignment. It can be done, but you have to be careful. But my biggest complaint is the miter slots are non-standard. They require a weird inverted T design that no other saws use, anywhere. That means that if you want to upgrade from the cheap stock miter gauge or, as happened to me, you misplace it, you're screwed. NO aftermarket miter gauges will fit the slots and Hitachi doesn't sell their design as an accessory. So you're forced to go through the parts diagram and order each screw, washer, handle, and everything piece-meal to rebuild a substandard tool to begin with.
Either that, or make your own. Pain in the arse.
But other than that, the dust collection is great. And the on/off switch works flawlessly.
Overall, with the benefit of hindsight, I'd have gone with a different saw. Even for the money, this saw has given me more frustration than satisfaction.
1 Star Rating  "Decent saw but limited use" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Patterson, Missouri
I purchased this Hitachi saw 2 years ago while building my house. When I first started with the saw I wasn't happy. It has no problem with light material but easily bogs down on hardwood and pressure treated. My biggest complaint with it is the use of plastic on the blade height adjustment. The crank has stripped and I see no easy way to repair it. It is also very difficult to set the fence square. The saw will only accept a 3/8" dado. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that had any serious work to do. I learned that you get what you pay for.
4 Star Rating  "C10RA2 Hitachi Poratable" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Salt Lake City,Utah
These are mostly first impressions as I only have used this saw a few days. I also have a highly modified Ridgid TS1230 with a 52" Biesmeyer fence and 49X49 outfeed table as a stationary shop tool.For size, weight, & Price this is a nice tool for a portable. The stand is stable and stays put on a hardwood floor covered with sawdust ( they must have improved the feet since an earlier review). The fence is good & stable. I did have to adjust it to make it parallel to the blade and mitre slot.. I would expect that on any new table saw fresh out of the box.. What was Hitachi thinking in regard to the mitre slot and gage? I'll probably have the slot milled to accept a real mitre gage etc. if a job calls for that much accuracy.. (this is a portable after all) Another improvement would be a zero clearance throat plate. I made one for a stationary tablesaw out of Lexan (what an improvement). For what I bought this saw for It's Just Fine It's not a $1200 cabinet saw but for $300 or less It's money well spent...
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