Milwaukee 48-08-0401 Quik-Lok Job Saw
Milwaukee 48-08-0401 Quik-Lok Job Saw

Milwaukee 48-08-0401 Quik-Lok Job Saw



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  • Comfortable Tactile, Soft Grip Handle ergonomically designed for prolonged cutting in any direction
  • Versatile - Accepts any 1/2" universal tang reciprocating saw blade
  • Threaded end for attaching to standard extension pole

Editorial Review
It doesn't look like much, but take this little saw in hand and get to work, and you'll be as impressed as we are. First off, it's quality construction, everything from the comfortable, soft-grip handle to the same rugged, heavy-duty steel Quik-Lok clamp you'll find on Milwaukee's famous Sawzall recip saws. Blade change is as quick and easy as a twist of the thumb and index finger. The beauty of this little saw is that it will go anywhere and get into places a big, hungry recip saw can't. Just stock up on 1/2-inch tang recip saw blades and you'll be set. It's perfect for small cuts, delicate jobs and for the little tasks you don't want to haul your recip saw out for. Every homeowner and contractor ought to have one of these. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste
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Milwaukee 48-08-0401 Quik-Lok Job Saw Specs:
Product NameMilwaukee 48-08-0401 Quik-Lok Job Saw
Product Number MPN48-08-0401
Retail Price $30.00
Last Updated:28-August-2015
Deal first added on:4-January-2005


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Milwaukee 48-08-0401 Quik-Lok Job Saw
5 Star Rating  "Milwaukee Quik-Lok hand saw" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Cabool, MO
This is really a solid, quality piece of work - it can be mounted on an extension pole (as would be used for brooms / brushes / window cleaning) to reach heights. I believe I'm going to get a LOT of use out of this little gadget!
5 Star Rating  "cutting edge" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from metairie,la.
I was very satisfied with the promptness with which my order was filled and delievered.I haven't had a chance to use the saw but feel my choice based on the quik clamp blade holder was justified after inserting different blades. I
feel this saw will come in handy when there are no power outlets or no cordless saws available .
5 Star Rating  "The right tool at the right price." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Devon, PA
I needed a reciprocating saw to repair a rotted window sill. I could have spent $160 for a power reciprocating saw or about $25 for this Milwaukee hand saw. The hand saw worked perfectly and did the job with little effort. Good power reciprocating saws are heavy and difficult to control. This hand saw is well constructed and cuts nearly as fast as the power saw. Its weight makes it easy to control. A must for all tool boxes.
5 Star Rating  "Inexpensive and versatile" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Silicon Valley
This tool has been excellent. I needed a drywall/jab saw and bought this tool instead since I figured it would be more useful for other purposes. I've used it for precision cuts of wood in stud bays as well as a drywall saw with just the standard blade and it works great. The only concern I had buying this saw was how tight the blade would fit- the Quik-Lok mechanism is very sturdy and you'd never know you're using a easily replaceable blade.
5 Star Rating  "Job saw gets the job done." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Downers Grove, IL
I purchased this saw along with a 12-pack set of Milwaukee blades. I have no problem cutting through drywall, screws, pvc, wood, anything that needs cutting. The threaded end is also nice, you can screw in a standard broom handle and get a servicable pole saw to add some reach. Plus whenever I spring for the reciprocating saw I'll be able to use the same blades which is nice. I think its a perfect product for what it does.
5 Star Rating  "Solid, Versatile, Outstanding Value!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Arlington, MA
I've been using the Milwaukee 48-08-0401 Quik-Lok Job Saw for several months now around my new house for a variety of purposes. Chief amongst those has been cutting holes in old lath and horse hair plaster walls. With the narrow point of the included blade, I can saw holes with only a couple of small pre-drilled pilot holes and minimize the damaging to the surrounding plaster.

What makes the saw excel, however, is the versatility. Changing the blade is simple, quick, and never compromises the sturdy feel. I purchased this saw with the blade kit (Milwaukee 49-22-1129 12-Piece Ultimate Demolition Sawzall Blade Set) and I have used it to make easy and controlled cuts through, wood, metal, plaster, dry wall, rigid foam, etc. I have also since purchased the Milwaukee Sawzall which can utilize the same variety of blades, increasing the value.

The other day after a snow storm, I had to perform some emergency pruning on a tree with branches leaning against my neighbors house and blocking the drive way. I remembered the threads on the end of this job saw and attached it to an old paint roller handle. Changed the blade to a long wood cutting blade, and was able to easily prune the small/medium sized branches in the tree. Perfect example of this tool's ease of use and versatility. Never thought I'd need it for that purpose, but there you go....5 stars.
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