Porter-Cable RoboToolz RT-7210-1 RoboLaser Self-Leveling Laser Level
Porter-Cable RoboToolz RT-7210-1 RoboLaser Self-Leveling

Porter-Cable RoboToolz RT-7210-1 RoboLaser Self-Leveling Laser Level



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  • Self-leveling
  • Remote-controlled
  • Solid-metal spherical base
  • 150-foot radio control range
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Robo Toolz Robo Laser Rt-7210-1 Self leveling Laser With Case!Robo Toolz Robo Laser Rt-7210-1 Self leveling Laser With Case!
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Porter-Cable RoboToolz RT-7210-1 RoboLaser Self-Leveling Laser Level Specs:
Product NamePorter-Cable RoboToolz RT-7210-1 RoboLaser Self-Leveling Laser Level
Product Number MPNRT-7210-1
Retail Price $350.00
Weight10 lbs.
Last Updated:04-August-2015
Deal first added on:4-January-2005
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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Porter-Cable RoboToolz RT-7210-1 RoboLaser Self-Leveling Laser Level
3 Star Rating  "beautil Tool" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Crestone, Colorado
loved this it work well for about 3 months, now its no good, wrote to the company but got no response on how to get it repaired.
4 Star Rating  "Worth the price" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Tulsa, OK
I have used the level 3 times over the last two months and it worked very well. The level is advertised to be accurate to 1/16 inch over 100 ft, and it may be under laboratory conditions. But I think, practically, it is accurate to 1/16 inch over 30 ft - still pretty good. For the price, it does a very good job. I would rate it 5 stars, except that the first unit I received did not work properly and I had to exchange it. So, it might be pretty delicate, and the boxes that they (both original and replacement) arrived in were badly battered to the point of falling apart. Some other people have rated the item poorly citing bad experiences with it. Mine works fine, but I believe it requires gentle treatment.
5 Star Rating  "Happy RoboLaser user" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Atlanta, GA
I used the RoboLaser to level an area to pore a slab, level the stone for the slab, and set the level of the forms. This was done out door in the sun. The unit worked very well and made the job go so much easier than other methods I have used.
1 Star Rating  "2 cents worth of starless junk" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I have used this level professionally for over three years.
I have the original robolaser not the current Porter Cable models. Since one operator uses the tool exclusively for layout, we probably baby it more then the average site tool used by multiple operators and left in the path of random violence and idiocy that populates the average consttuction site.
I have gotten useable results but I have always expected it to fail or go out alignment due to its poor built quality.
We always had a problem with the spring lock washer that holds the unit on to the self leveling base popping off. We were pretty lucky and always found it and were able to reassemble it. Proactively, I tried to get an exploded parts diagram from Robo and then from Porter with no luck.The ideas was to buy a bag of lock washers and keep them with the tool. Our luck ran out 2 weeks ago, we lost the lock washer. We contacted Porter customer service and after a week they finally roboemailed us and offered to repair it for $98 plus freight. We just wanted the stupid lock washer, but they don't sell parts, hence the lack of aan exploded parts list. I now have a $200 landfill canidate for lack of a 2 cent lockwasher. I suspect that they would send me one of the newer refurb models which thru the marvels of modern Chinese manufacturing probably been cheapened to point of instant junk. See the other current reviews.

I basically expected this response and bought a PLS360 since we needed to get back to work. It cost about 2x as much as the Robo but is probably 20 times as good in term of operation(the beam is continuous and sharp), build quality and customer service. I experienced PLS's excellent customer service with the the PLS5x (level,square,plumb) tool we already own. I auditioned the Berger and the Robolaser equivalent(to the PLS5x) and determined that both were throw away junk even though at $200 the price was attractive. The PLS5x was good and when I needed service I paid for it and got real service from real people and not an automated roboemail. If you can't spring for the pricier PLS models, stick to a water level until you've saved up your dough.
Rating: no stars for Robolaser.

1 Star Rating  "Unsatisfactory" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Atlanta Ga
I bought this tool and used it for a couple of months. It seemed to work really well and I was very pleased with it. After about three months of light use I noticed that it was off by more than an inch on a 22' wall. There was no warning to tell me that this was happening. I was always gentle with the tool when transporting and using it. I tried to recalibrate it but it would not recalibrate. When I called the Robo Toolz Company, they said that I had probably abused it. Not true. To their credit, they recalibrated it free of charge. I used it again for a few months and then found that it was off again by around 2 inches in forty feet. This tool only warns you if you try to set it up at too much of a slant when it is self leveling. Once you set it up and the warning light is not blinking, you have to trust that it is reading level or you have to check it every time you use it against two established benchmarks. When I again could not recalibrate it, I was told that there would be a charge to recalibrate it because it was out of warranty. Bottom line, I don't trust this tool. If it worked the way it is supposed to, I would highly recommend it.
4 Star Rating  "You take your chances" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Poughquag, New York
I bought the robe laser a couple of years ago and it worked fine, but recently it went out of calibration. Too bad it doesn't have an auto self-calibration. When the tool was working, it was a fantastic time saver (I'm a carpenter and general contractor) and one man set-up/use is invaluable. However, I recently was checking my newly poured foundation walls for level and was quite alarmed at 1-1/2" out of level with a shoot-spread angle less than 60 degrees so I borrowed a buddys' old but acurate scope transit to verify what's what and discovered only a 3/8" out of level foundation. So until I can spend the time to recalibrate it, it's useless. Now, I'm considering purchasing another one or stepping up to a cst/Berger or pls5x for the extra $250 and name brand reliability. I also have the robo-vector which, when it was working, was also a fantastic tool for squaring up corners and plumbing anything, however, it too is on the fritz, therefore useless until repaired/recalibrated. You get what you paid for, when this tool works its amazing, but if/when it goes out, its useless and a waste of time. Maybe I just got the lemons?
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