Ray-O-Vac PS3R Battery Charger for AA, AAA, D and C Renewal Batteries
Ray-O-Vac PS3R Battery Charger for AA, AAA, D

Ray-O-Vac PS3R Battery Charger for AA, AAA, D and C Renewal Batteries



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  • It monitors and charges each RENEWAL battery
  • Charges four "D" or four "C" batteries
  • Eight "AA" or eight "AAA" size rechargeable batteries at one time
Product Description
Rayovac PS3R Computer microchip technology makes this battery charger easy to use. It monitors and charges each RENEWAL battery, maximizing performance on every charge. Charging lights tell you when your batteries are fully charged. Charges four "D" or four "C" or eight "AA" or eight "AAA" size RENEWAL batteries at one time.
This product appears to be discontinued or unavailable at this time. Use the links below to find items similar to the Ray-O-Vac PS3R Battery Charger for AA, AAA, D and C Renewal Batteries:
Ray-O-Vac PS3R Battery Charger for AA, AAA, D and C Renewal Batteries Specs:
Product NameRay-O-Vac PS3R Battery Charger for AA, AAA, D and C Renewal Batteries
Retail Price $39.99
Manufactured in:Made in China
Dimensions12.7 x 3.9 x 2.4 in.
Weight1 lbs.
Last Updated:25-July-2014
Deal first added on:5-January-2005
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Here is what people are saying about the Ray-O-Vac PS3R Battery Charger for AA, AAA, D and C Renewal Batteries
1 Star Rating  "Amazon still shipping PS3D --NOT-- PS3" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
Prior to placing my order (April 2010) I called to get confirmation from an Amazon technician that the item shipping was indeed the PS3 and not the PS3D. They confirmed that the PS3 was shipping, not the PS3D. Unfortunately, this was not the case. They are, in fact, still shipping the PS3D although their own internal records may not indicate this. Calling them for confirmation of the actual item they are shipping in not a reliable course of action.
1 Star Rating  "Rayovac PS3 is not the PS3D" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from USA
Beware the PS3 has been discontinued and replaced with the New Rayovac PS3D.

It is not a smart charger.
It only charges 4 cells at a time in Pairs !. It will not charge just one cell.
And according to the instructions is only for NiMH batteries..

Beware if you are trying to buy the Older and much better PS3.. The newer unit (PS3D) with the Yellow/ Gold color packaging is just a cheep replacement by Rayovac. Unfortunately the unit has the same UPC code so Amazon's system cannot tell the difference. Also Contact the merchant and ask them before you buy. The older and much better PS3 is no longer offered by Rayovac. One last thing.. Contact Amazon.com and tell them to update these pages.. The listings are controlled by Amazon and not the merchants so only Amazon can correct this issue..

Rayovac has told me that they intend to release a new Smart charger so perhaps that may be renamed the PS3..
Lets hope so..
1 Star Rating  "Warning! Most of the reviews here apply to a different - better - charger" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from San Francisco, CA USA
Most of the positive reviews here apply to the PS3 charger, not to the PS20/PS3D. I bought the latter, which is being sold here, thinking I was getting the former. I accept that I am responsible for not being more careful. This charger differs from the Rayovac PS3 in almost every significant way:

1. It has two independent channels, not 4.
2. It will not charge one battery in one channel, only 2 batteries in each channel. Need to recharge one battery or three? Tough luck. Your choices are zero, two or four (except for 9V batteries). The two battery slots in each channel are apparently linked in series, not in parallel, so each battery in a given channel gets the same current at all times.
3. It is only intended for use with NiMH batteries, not NiCd or rechargeable alkaline batteries.
4. It is not remotely smart. It makes no effort to determine battery type or if batteries are fully charged. It puts out a constant current at 2.8V and never stops. (This voltage is specified on the back of the charged and is what makes me thing that the two batteries in each cell are linked in series.) It is up to you to guess when the pair of batteries is fully charged and pull them out then. Also, if you're putting a charged battery in with a discharged one in order to charge an odd number of discharged batteries, they both get the same treatment. The only thing that varies is that larger batteries get higher currents (D=560mA, C=440mA, AA=260mA, AAA=120mA, 9V=14mA).
5. It charges four AA or AAA batteries at a time, not eight.
6. The status indicator tells you nothing very helpful. It turns on when you have two batteries in a cell and never turns off.

Avoid this charger. The only advantage I can think of for it is that, like other completely dumb chargers, it will charge batteries that other chargers reject as dead. Sometimes such batteries are just completely discharged and work well after being charged by a dumb charger like this one.
1 Star Rating  "This PS3D model is NOT universal, like the PS3 might be." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Michigan
This review is for the Ray O VAC model PS20/PS3D battery rechargerRayovac PS3D UNIVERSAL CHARGER,.
1) This model recharges ONLY NiMH rechargeables. It does NOT recharge alkaline or NiCad rechargeable batteries.
2) This charge does NOT tell you if a battery is bad.
3) This charger does NOT tell you when a battery is finished recharging.
4) This charger takes about 12 hours to recharge a battery.

I know that this model does recharge NiMH rechargeables of the following sizes: AAA, AA, 9 volt. It likely also recharges C and D rechargeable NiMH batteries, as claimed, although I haven't tried it.

Several of the reviews here claim that the model PS3 will recharge NiCad and alkaline rechargeables, as well as NiMH rechargeables. That may be true for the PS3, but is NOT true for the PS3D.
1 Star Rating  "This is NOT the charger that has the good reviews" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from North Carolina
After researching chargers on the internet and Amazon I decided to order the Rayovac Universal charger because it supposedly would Re-charge all types of rechargeable batteries such as NIHM, NI-CAD and Rechargeable Alkaline. This charger will ONLY re-charge NIHM batteries, the instructions state charge only NIHM batteries, DO NOT charge any other type of rechargeable batteries in this charger. Also it is extremely slow in charging batteries and does not have a charge finished light that has been talked about in some of the posts. I am very disappointed with this unit. Don't waste your money on this item.
5 Star Rating  "Solid, multiple form, multiple cell charger" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from San Jose, CA USA
After experiencing some disappointing charging results for AA batteries that I use in digital cameras, I tried to figure out why I was getting such uneven results. I learned that charging "re-chargeable" batteries is not a fool-proof process. In fact, overcharging certain batteries can shorten the life of batteries or even ruin them.

In order to protect your batteries from damage, it is wise to use a "smart" charger to figure out the type of battery it is charging and then "do the right thing".

After doing a considerable amount of research, I concluded that the Rayovac PS 3 is such a "smart charger", and will take steps to achieve optimal results.

It has four independent charger bays, each holding two battery cells, and each bay can charge a different size battery (or pair of batteries).

The Rayovac PS 3 is also generally well made and modestly priced, making it a good value.

After using it for about a month and carefully measuring "before" and "after" voltages on several sets of batteries, including AA, C, and D cells, and both NiCAD and NiMH batteries, I am satisfied that the Rayovac PS 3 is doing a good job, and quietly working as it is supposed to work.
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