Butterfly 7285 Viscaria FL Table Tennis Racket
Butterfly 7285 Viscaria FL Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly 7285 Viscaria FL Table Tennis Racket

Martin Kilpatrick


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  • Extremely fast, well-balanced design with Carbon and Arylate layers
  • Rubber and sponge combo offers superior speed, spin, and control
  • Flared handle
  • Five-ply wood, two-ply Carbon/Arylate layers
Product Description
The Butterfly Viscaria Pro-Line Table Tennis Racket is one of the most technologically advanced rackets in the world. The Viscaria blade is made with layers of both Carbon, to provide springiness, and Arylate, to provide shock absorption. Added to this is Bryce rubber, which has taken the professional tour by storm since its recent introduction, and a 1.9-millimeter sponge resulting in increased spin and speed. The Viscaria is constructed of five-ply wood and featrues two-ply Arylate/Carbon layering. The racket is approved by the USATT and ITTF.

About Butterfly

Hikosuke Tamasu founded Tamasu Co., Ltd. in the small town of Yanai City, Japan in 1950. This was the beginning of a company career which is almost unique in table tennis. A renowned international for Japan, Tamasu fulfilled his dream of a lifetime when he made his hobby his profession. At that time, he could hardly imagine that he would make Butterfly the leading brand worldwide. Creativity, durability, and a profound technical knowledge meant success. 0ver and over again he looked for new possibilities in order to optimize techniques by innovative playing material. Tamasu realized that each player is different and has strengths and weaknesses. By offering individual playing material Tamasu wanted to help players right from the beginning to emphasize their individuality. Since 1983 Butterfly has its own training and research center in Tokyo. Highly qualified scientists co-operate with world class players and coaches for the development of rubber and blade technology. Butterfly's rubbers and blades are used by more than half of the participants at World and European Championships.

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Butterfly 7285 Viscaria FL Table Tennis Racket Specs:
Product NameButterfly 7285 Viscaria FL Table Tennis Racket
ManufacturerMartin Kilpatrick
Retail Price $224.99
Dimensions11.2 x 6.9 x 1.2 in.
Weight1 lbs.
Last Updated:04-July-2015
Deal first added on:5-April-2006


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Latest 5 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Butterfly 7285 Viscaria FL Table Tennis Racket
4 Star Rating  "Top of the line" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This is a racket that does everything you need in an instinctive manner. From the first time you use it, you will get used to it: it is not revolutionary and not miles ahead of the competition. Just slightly better.
5 Star Rating  "Read the review before you buy it, Just trying to help" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This review is helpful for the people who think they can spend the money and buy a better game for themselves. If you are one of those people who is just starting to learn the basic techniques(drive, block, chop) and working on a little advanced shot (loop), this paddle is NOT for you. It is all true that this is Viscaria which has a mixture of carbon(stiff, makes the blade fast and enlarges sweet spot) and arylate(soft control feel). This will give you a false feel of amazing control when you are hitting practice shots with your buddy as it has the largest sweet spot I have ever seen in a blade. BUT, you are not playing with your buddies in a match situation. So, when your opponent is hitting a hard shot or power looping, the inner Balsa wood layer is going to show its true strength and shoot the ball very fast right back. So, don't complain if you can't control it at that situation.
If you are not at a level to anticipate that, don't buy this Ferrari and sattle for a Prius. You will develop your game faster with a slower and more controllable paddle than this.
For people who are already at or beyond this level would appreciate such an equipment which is just a sweet thing to own. Then again, if you are at that level, you probably won't be reading this and should beconsult with your coach in your search of an upgrade anyway.
"Money can't buy you better skills in Table tennis, it can only can help you apply your skills better"
2 Star Rating  "ALOT of paddle" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Southern Cal
It had the same spin as my 25 yr old paddle but I couldn't keep the ball on the table. I kept hitting it long due to the hardness of the wood (carbon), and couldn't make the adjustment. I sent it back for a full refund.
3 Star Rating  "Yes...but no" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Berkeley, CA USA
Yes, it's true. The Viscaria is a very technologically advanced Table Tennis bat. The blade itself is very supple and very well-constructed to be lightweight and not top heavy. The Bryce rubber is of course world-class rubber that professionals use at the top of the line. However, if you are honestly at the level where you think you need to use Bryce rubber, go have a bat custom-made. There are countless websites that give you selections of rubber, blades, and they'll even attach them for you.

I got a bat almost exactly like this, except with a better backhand rubber, all for about half the price. At this level of Table Tennis, it's best to forge your own.
5 Star Rating  "Great Bat" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
If you want a great Table Tennis paddle (bat) for a shake hand player, you can't go wrong with this one. It has very spinny rubber, the same Bryce on both sides; it's light, comfortable, and just the best. A good paddle makes a great difference in performance, especially in table tennis. Sure, it's not just the bat, but the player as well, but for two equally good players, the one with the better bat is going to win. And when you're playing with the Butterfly Viscaria with Bryce Rubber, you're playing with the best. Great price, too.
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