Kreg Jig K3MS K3 Master System
Kreg Jig K3MS K3 Master System

Kreg Jig K3MS K3 Master System



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  • Benchtop base features patent pending front clamping design. Puts the clamp handle on the same side of the workpiece you work on!
  • Spring tensioned clamp compensates for small material thickness differences without having to continually adjust the clamp pad. Keeps you working instead of micro-adjusting a tedious clamp pad.
  • All the thickness flexibility you need 1/8 settings for materials from ½ to 1-1/2 thick. Also the fastest adjustment on the market.
  • Patented three drill guide fixed spacing puts pocket holes exactly where you need them for narrow, wide, and widest stock. Narrowest 9/16 on-center spacing is the closest on the market perfect for narrow 1-1/2 wide face frames.
Product Description
The ultimate package for pocket hole joinery from The Pocket Hole Professionals. The K3 Kreg Jig is packed with loads of innovative new features. The first of these new features is a three drill guide block that can now be used in two separate tool bodies. Slide the block into the benchtop base and drill pocket holes on your workbench, or remove the drill guide block and quickly place it into the smaller, portable base for use on the job site. The face of the drill guide block now features a metal insert that will produce years of clean-cut pocket holes. In addition, the benchtop base features patent pending front side clamping that places the clamp handle on the same side or the work as your drill - No more reaching around the workpiece to clamp! Are you tired of having to clean up wood chips after a day of drilling pocket holes? The benchtop base also accepts a snap-on dust collection shroud that can be easily connected to a shop-vac for chip free drilling! We've also built-in more height adjustment into the drill guide block, allowing you to center a screw in material from ½ to 1-1/2 thick in 1/8 increments. Another new addition to the K3 model is the Material Support Stop. This innovative feature allows you to place pocket holes in exactly the same location on multiple workpieces for true production style pocket hole drilling. The stop is hinged so it can be easily moved out of the way when drilling panels. Quite simply, the Kreg Jig K3 Master System is the most feature packed pocket hole tool on the market, from the legendary leader in pocket hole technology. Patent Pending.
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Kreg Jig K3MS K3 Master System Specs:
Product NameKreg Jig K3MS K3 Master System
Retail Price $179.95
Weight9 lbs.
Last Updated:29-July-2015
Deal first added on:21-May-2006


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Kreg Jig K3MS K3 Master System
5 Star Rating  "GREAT TOOL" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I should have thought of this , then you would be giving me a review , this thing is the cats behind , works just like it's supposed to , and leaves you with your mouth agape , WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT ?????
5 Star Rating  "Amazing kit" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Northern VA
I've had this kit for some time now (or the smaller predecessor). I would definitely say it was money well spent. As a novice, I've successfully used it for cabinetry repair in our kitchen, edge joinery in a craft table for my wife, av cabinet for my mother's new family room, patio benches for our deck. If this is the level of quality that Kreg puts into all of their products, I'm a brand fan.
5 Star Rating  "Excellent product" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
A very easy product to learn. After watching the included video I was off and running. If you want to make quality and strong wooden products/projects this jig system is the ideal tool to use.
5 Star Rating  "Former biscuit guy" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from New York, New York
I used to be a biscuit guy. Now I'm hooked on Kreg pocket screw joinery. I just built a queen size bed as my first project. It was so much easier than using biscuits for the ninety degree offset joints...just set up, clamp, drill and screw. I'll probably still use biscuits for joining flat boards for wide table tops, etc., but the Kreg system made making the bed a breeze. Buy an assortmwnt of screws and a few is a perfect system.
5 Star Rating  "Kreg K3 Master Pocket Hole Jig System Rocks!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I had been planning a project to hide my safe in my den next to a Teak wall unit. I had extra large
pieces of teak from another wall unit not being used in my new home. I'm somewhat handy and have
other power tools. But, like everyone else in today's world, I had little time to devote to such a
project and make it look clean and functional. My wife is a clean freak, which is not bad. But,
it does put a damper on my weekend projects if I can't rapped up quickly, if you know what I mean?

The Kreg Jig System fit the bill perfectly by being able to create fast and strong joints with a clean
looking compartment with no nails or screws visable from the outside. On top of the new constructed
section built, I have a rather large and heavy older model Oki color laser printer. No sweat! I can most
likely stand on that compartment and not worry about collapse. The safe is hidden now and not an eye sore
in an otherwise sharp looking den/office. My next upgrade will be French Doors to that room.

Of course, now that I have this new "man toy" I have found other uses like re-inforcing existing
high quality wooden chairs we had. As far as I'm concerned, the Kreg Jig System has paid for itself
by not having to hire someone to construct the box or replace what we had. You would be surprised what
you can find around the house to create new stronger joints.

Plus, it makes a darn goodwill tool with the neighbors because they don't have their own. For me, back
for borrowing their compound miter saw or wet tile saw, etc. Plus, that another way to get them to come
over and help you out, so they can learn first hand what to do themselves.

That's it! Good quality product which should last a long time. Do yourself and get an extra bit and
a box of extra screws so you are not hassled later down the road. As usual, Amazon purchase and free
delivery was hassle free and smooth sailing.


5 Star Rating  "A GREAT TOOL" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
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