COLEMAN Coleman Powermate PMS7000 Cordless Cold Heat Soldering Tool
COLEMAN Coleman Powermate PMS7000 Cordless Cold

COLEMAN Coleman Powermate PMS7000 Cordless Cold Heat Soldering Tool



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  • Perform with regular, lead-free, or silver-based solder 18 AWG to 24 AWG - with best performance between 18 AWG and 20 AWG
  • Create over 700 solder joints per battery pack
  • Tip heat indicator (red light)
  • Independent lighting function
Product Description
The Coleman Powermate Cold Heat Soldering tool is an award winning design that revolutionizes soldering. It heats and cools almost instantly, reaching 800°F in about 1 second. It's a wonder tool for hobbyists, DIY-ers, technicians, electricians, engineers and the military. Cordless/battery operated Uses 4 replaceable alkaline AA batteries Convenient carrying case included
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COLEMAN Coleman Powermate PMS7000 Cordless Cold Heat Soldering Tool Specs:
Product NameCOLEMAN Coleman Powermate PMS7000 Cordless Cold Heat Soldering Tool
Product Number MPNPMS7000
Retail Price $13.73
Weight3 lbs.
Last Updated:20-September-2014
Deal first added on:22-May-2006
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Latest 5 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the COLEMAN Coleman Powermate PMS7000 Cordless Cold Heat Soldering Tool
1 Star Rating  "Great gift for xmas. But not how you'd think..." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from USA
If you haven't already, don't buy this thing, at any price, even steeply discounted. It is in all seriousness, absolutely worthless for it's intended purpose. For anyone without a little mad scientist in them, and doesn't know this already, if you run even a very little power across a graphite pencil lead, it gets very very hot, very very fast. This is basicly the principle on which this tool operates. The point is split in two, joined by a sliver of some no conductive material. And when the two sides are shorted by touching a metalic surface, it does heat up rapidly. Unfortunetly, while in theory it sounds like it would work great, it usually succeeds only in incenerating the contact points on the soldering tip, making little sparks, and breaking away bits of the tip, usually having no usable effect whatsover on the solder. I wouldn't get near anything a value with this tool. All that said though, if you, like me, have already had the misfortune of purchasing this or receiving it as a gift, don't dispair, it's not a total loss. By simply pulling off the removable/replacable soldering tip, and throwing it away, you have a really nice, fully functional small christmas tree light bulb tester. They wouldn't fit the socket & contacts better if it had been made for that purpose all along. And the AA batteries provide just the right amount of power.

5 Star Rating  "Great Portable Tool" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I keep and use this on my sailboat. Very easy to use without the need of an electrical outlet. Heats quickly and makes great joints.
1 Star Rating  "useless" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from ANN ARBOR, MI USA
If you can manage to get the thing to melt off a piece of solder, the solder is immediately repelled, so you can't actually get it to melt on the wire. I broke the tip after 10 minutes of frustration.
1 Star Rating  "Flimsy Faulty Flop" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Portland, Oregon United States
1~ Heats by resistance at tip/workpiece junction, so heating is inconsistent depending on workpiece thermal mass, contact pressure, and surface conductance
2~ Tip has very puny thermal mass, is ridiculously fragile and grossly overpriced
3~ Reliable battery irons from other makers (eg Amazon item B0007IS2ZK) and butane irons are readily available.
3 Star Rating  "Innovative, but won't replace a corded soldering iron" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from San Diego, CA, United States
You have probably seen the commercials for Coleman Cold Heat battery operated soldering iron. Looks pretty nice on TV, so I decided to buy one and test it out.

The tool works by applying 5 - 6 Volts DC from 4 AA batteries directly to the metallic surface being soldered on. There is an on-off switch, and a white illumination led, plus a red status led; but the heart of the tool is the special split tip, made of some kind of ferro-composite material.

The tip heats up the surface you want to weld by shorting up on it.

The idea basically works, indeed, you can heat up a metallic surface pretty well (though not for very long, in my trials a set of fully charged 2000 mAh Ni-MH batteries lasted less than 10 minutes). But don't throw away your corded soldering iron just yet.

As many of you know, one of the pillars of successful welding is to have a clean well groomed soldering tip that sucks up the solder like a sponge, and releases it to a well fluxed surface. Well, the Cold Heat tips do not hold any solder at all, they repel it.

The technique then is to apply solder directly to the welded surfaces, and that is a much more limited technique with results that can vary greatly depending on the kind of the surfaces being worked with.

Besides, all the shortcomings, this is a truly portable wireless soldering iron, and it is amazing that we have this technology now.
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