Motorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster - Black
Motorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster - Black

Motorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster - Black



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  • Low noise addition of ony 3 dB
  • Superb gold patented connector design
  • Supports Pay-Per-View and Video on Demand (VOD) Services
  • Quick, easy installation
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When using your TV or computer, there's nothing more frustrating than encountering poor reception. Now there's a fast and effortless way to make your signal strength up to 32 times more powerful! The Motorola Signal Booster enhances analog and digital picture quality, improves cable modem communication, and reduces lost data. It's easy to install and tools are not required. This device also allows you to optimize multiple broadband devices in your home - televisions, cable set-top boxes, cable modems, VCRs, and digital radios - all from one convenient cable. Clearly, the Motorola Signal Booster is a strong alternative to weak signal quality.
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Motorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster - Black Specs:
Product NameMotorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster - Black
Product Number MPN484095-001-00
Retail Price $99.99
Weight2 lbs.
Last Updated:28-July-2015
Deal first added on:10-July-2006


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Motorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster - Black
5 Star Rating  "Good for digital/HDTV antenna in attic with cable splitting through rest of house" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Milton, GA USA
Got this to combat signal degradation from my antenna attic through splitters to a couple of rooms two stories below. Works well, boosts to maintain the signal through a splitter or two and 100+ feet of cable quality coax.

I measured my signal strength pre-boost and post-boost (on a scale of 0-100, using a DTV-to-analog converter) and got a 25% signal strength boost average across all my channels after the splitters and longest coax run, to bring it *close to* about the same level if I was right at the antenna. Note that I don't think this will make a weak signal strong, but instead will keep a strong signal strong enough across splitters and 100+ lines of cable throughout the house that you will still maintain good signal. It also allowed me to get one channel that I could not otherwise get unless I was only 3 feet of coax away from the attic antenna.

Overall a good purchase for the price and works fine, as i'd hoped and expected - a good option for keeping an digital attic antenna from degrading as it runs through the whole house.
5 Star Rating  "Good buy" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
After running cable through the house, the signal in the bedroom upstairs was weak. I installed the Motorola amp in about 2 minutes and the picture and audio were great!
5 Star Rating  "Changed my life" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
First of all this is the same booster used by my cable company. Have one in my basement. I have a 25 year old TV upstairs in my bedroom that did not have a cable converter. Only picked up a handful of channels which was fine. Last week I get a notice that due to an upgrade in service, any TV without a converter box was going to be rendered totally useless. So I went to the cable store picked up a box and installed it. I got a handful of channels but most were scrambled. Knew this was coming because the upstair wiring is over 25 years old
( Installed it myself when I put a second story on) Called cable and they did a system check and confirmed what I knew ---insufficient signal. Checked the name of the booster installed by Cable years ago and ordered it on line through Amazon. Got delivered the next day. Got home- installed it (10 minutes) and rebooted the cable converter. All the channels started up best picture and sound I've had on that TV in over 20 years and then I dared-Channel 145-the Golf Channel. Now if left to my own devices, I could watch the Golf Channel all day and night. And here it was for the first time in perfect picture and sound right in my upstairs bedroom !!! , . Now I can watch it with the timer on when I go to sleep and in the morning when I shower and get ready for work...The heck with work.

Thank You ! Thank You! Thank You! Motorola
4 Star Rating  "Definitely Works (may also boost/causes some interference)" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from San Diego, CA
The difference in lower-numbered channels (1-12) from before to after is nothing short of amazing! The only issue (and honestly compared to going from almost complete snow to the point it is now it is not a major one) is that there is a wide vertical line (wave) on some channels that moves from right to left. If I disconnect the booster, the "wave" goes away but for most of my lower channels the snow that follows is pretty intolerable... so I'll live with it. So while it's not perfect, it is very effective at boosting stations to a level that they render without "snow", and other low-signal artifacts. My situation is that I have a splitter when the cable first comes in, on one side another splitter for cable modem and cable box--that whole leg works great, because the cable box is 100% digital and signal loss is less of an issue. On the other leg, I feed a cable drop into my computer running Windows Media Center Edition over a Hauppauge tuner card. The tuner picks up channels 1-99 over the cable, but channels 1-12 are almost completely "snow". With this booster, those channels now come in just fine. I am not sure if the aforementioned vertical band of lines is the result of a defective unit, or just what happens when you boost a bad signal, but either way, I am going to put Ferrite Cores on the cables to see if that helps, and if not, live with the reception--which now at least is viewable for all stations. If others experience this, please indicate in your reviews, in case there is any work around (or at least to know that it is a reality of certain situations like mine). I would recommend this anyone with unacceptably low signal levels coming from their cable provider (when connecting to an analog receiver like a tuner card or old TV). Last piece... I used this in place of my Terk HDTV antenna (HDTVa) booster, and it actually made the signal strength coming from my Terk worse, so I am not sure that it is a great fit for all applications. On the whole, for boosting degraded cable, I can attest it works well.
5 Star Rating  "Worked great for me" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I had a case where my 2nd floor TV's on digital boxes were having trouble displaying channels intermittently. I had a single run from my basement to the attic and then was split 4 ways into all bedrooms, the signal degradation was hurting the digital boxes from pulling in channels reliably. I put the booster inline in the basement right after the cable comes into my house and then up to the attic and the result was fantastic on all 2nd floor TV's... no longer do they have troubles with any channels!
5 Star Rating  "This was a needed improvement for our antenna reception." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This Motorola Signal Booster helped improve our roof antenna signal strength a lot. In the past, our weak digital signal on some channels created frozen images and broken pictures. This was especially true on days that the weather was bad. After installing the signal booster, we have had no problems. I verified the signal improvement on one of our digital converter boxes by selecting a signal strength feature. Before installing the signal booster the signal strength on one channel was poor, but afterward it was good.
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