Samsung LN-S4695D 46 1080p LCD HDTV
Samsung LN-S4695D 46" 1080p LCD HDTV

Samsung LN-S4695D 46" 1080p LCD HDTV


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  • HD-grade 1920(H) x 1080(V) pixel resolution
  • 6000 - 1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 178-degree horizontal/vertical viewing angles
  • NTSC and ATSC TV Tuners for analog and digital TV reception
Product Description
The quintessential 46" flat-panel LCD screen is capable of producing 1080p (progressive) image resolution that takes HDTV to an even higher range of detail. With up to a 6000:1 contrast ratio blacks are blacker and white are whiter for images that exceed anything previously displayed by other LCD TV screens. There are over two million pixels resulting from the 1920x1080p resolution of this screen that is fully capable of displaying HD images in the true 1080p ideal. That's about twice as many pixels as a typical HDTV LCD screen (at 1366x768). Most other screens can only display 720p or 1080i in HDTV modes. When considering new external high-definition video sources, this LCD takes you to a higher realm than typical HDTV. It is capable of displaying over 12.8 billion color combinations. The new, optimized game mode and fast 8ms response time will thrill avid gamers with its movie-like visuals. The audio system is equally impressive, with hidden bottom speakers that offer SRS TruSurround XT sound. A 178-degree viewing angle and convenient swivel stand let you enjoy shows from anywhere in the master bedroom, living room or den.
We should make a brief pause to discuss the achievement of 6,000:1 contrast-ratio from an LCD screen. Contrast ratio deals with the integrity and optimal range of black and white shading on your screen. While most large LCD screens previously achieved about 1200:1 or 2,000:1 readings, plasma screens delivered up to 10,000:1. Offering 6,000:1 means delivery of the best picture available on a home LCD flat-panel. It also makes a great PC monitor. This is high-definition as it was meant to be! Fast 8ms response time + New optimized game mode Includes Swivel stand but may also be optionally wall-mounted with a VESA compliant bracket Hidden bottom speakers SRS TruSurround XT 10 Watts by 2 channels power output Connectivity - 2 HDMI / 2 Component video inputs (Y,Pb,Pr) / S-video an
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Samsung Lns4096d, Lns4692d, Lns4695d, Lns4696d, Lns5296d, Ac20 Ac Power CordSamsung Lns4096d, Lns4692d, Lns4695d, Lns4696d, Lns5296d, Ac20 Ac Power Cord
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SamsungŪ TV Remote Control BN59-00568A Replacement by Anderic (1-Year Warranty)SamsungŪ TV Remote Control BN59-00568A Replacement by Anderic (1-Year Warranty)
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Samsung LN-S4695D 46" 1080p LCD HDTV Specs:
Product NameSamsung LN-S4695D 46" 1080p LCD HDTV
Product Number MPNLNS4695D
Retail Price $4299.00
Diagonal Screen Size40 - 49 inches
TechnologyLcd, Plasma
Dimensions44.5 x 31 x 12.8 in.
Weight77 lbs.
Last Updated:01-August-2015
Deal first added on:28-August-2006


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Samsung LN-S4695D 46" 1080p LCD HDTV
2 Star Rating  "Nice TV for a while..." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I bought this television in early 2006 when I moved into my new home. I needed to get rid of my tube HDTV due to space constraints, and I needed a panel to mount above the fire place.

I spent a very large amount of time doing homework on the specifications, and narrowed my search based on price and my requirements (1080p, LCD, etc), and arrived at either the Sony XBR or the Samsung LNS4695d. After hitting the pavement, and seeting the set in the proper viewing places (avoide Best Buy and other big box stores, as they split the signal too many times, and have varying signals between different sets depending on where they sit on the daisy chain) and decided the Samsung offered virtually the same picture quality and specifications as the Sony, and for less money.

The set treated me great for 3 years, with only one exception. During very fast motion, such as a football game (American) where the ball was thrown past the crowd, or a car race, I would experience macro-blocking, and the set's 60hz simply could not keep up with very fast moving HD broadcasts (via cable). There were other issues related to this, but suffice it to say, the TV processed too slow to keep up, and artifacts and other symptoms showed that. I also had minor ghosting in some circumstances, but I find that is visible to the experienced eye even on the Sony sets and other CFL backlit models.

After 3.5 years, just out of warranty, the set recently started showing horizontal white and colored lines. flashing and intermittant at first, over 8 weeks, they slowly became more static, and eventually made the TV unwatchable. The condition appeared across all sources, and after much troubleshooting and time on the phone with Samsung, the TV was determined by them as "at the end of its useful life." For the price I paid, I found this conclusion utterly unaccetpable. After further research, I've determined the board that processes the horizontal information had failed. The part is $500 from Samsung and a handful of other providors, which equates to what I could purchase the same television for now on ebay. There are essentially zero Samsung service centers, and no in-home service options. I would have been forced to ship the television out of state for analysis and service, with no guarantee it could be repaird. I decided not to bother attempting to repair it, as purchasing another working set would have been the same or cheaper than other options.

I've since upgraded to another brand, with more current features, and have been very pleased.

While the failed hardware isn't a widespread issue (though it does exist if you look closely online), i simply couldn't reccomend this product to anyone any longer, primarily because of Samsung's determination that a $x,xxx television set should only last 3 years. The other issues were annoying, but I was able to live with them, however the set I use now is flawless, and cheaper, and more advanced. My advice, continue to avoid paying for the Sony brand, and Samsung is not the solution. With some homework, you can do much much better for the money.
5 Star Rating  "Great TV" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This was my 2nd LCD tv purchase. My first TV was a 32" Samsung purchased in 2006. I decided to upgrade in 2007 from 32" to 46" because 32" was too small for the living room. After 2 years of use, I can say this TV has been great and provided us with many hours of entertainment.

If you are shopping for TVs now (2009) and run across this TV at a really good deal, pick one up. Some advantages to current models is that the standard HDMI inputs are 3-4 whereas this model has only 2. I only use 1 input since I channel everything through a reciever anyways. The newer models are also 10-20 lbs lighter (and even more if you are buying an LED). Lastly, the new models may provide a little better contrast ratio. If buying a used TV, you need to find out how many hours of use the TV has been through and check the condition.

In today's market, the top competitors in the LCD market seem to be Samsung and Sony. Other companies like Pioneer, Toshiba, Visio, and Panasonic also have a considerable market share, but Samsung and Sony lead the way in sales due to excellent picture and competitive pricing. Comparing Sony and Samsung, Samsung seems to provide more vivid colors while Sony's colors are more natural and less vivid. As far as which TV is better, it's a matter of preference. I picked a Samsung because it was at a lower price-point than the Sony I wanted (Z-Line).

My next upgrade (52" 120hz) will probably be the same (based on prices/deals at the time). I would not hesitate to buy another Samsung.
4 Star Rating  "Best Bang For Your Buck" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
Got this TV awhile back and it is an outstanding TV for the price. The picture is crystal clear. Very good features for a TV in this price range. The sound really stands out with rich bass and enveloping surround effects. I have both an XBox 360 and a Playstation 3 running on full 1080p and they look incredible! Blu-Ray HD movies playing on the PS3 look amazing on this TV's 1080p resolution. With 2 HDMI ports I have the PS3 and a cable box, The 2 Component inputs connect the 360 and a DVD Recorder, S-Video input houses a Playstation 2, and there's still 2 coax antenna inputs left! This tv not only looks great but has the hardware to hold all of your electronics, making a perfect foundation for any home theater.
The only thing I don't care for is the high gloss black finish surrounding the screen. It reflects a lot of light but that's just a minor gripe.
Shipping was an issue. We paid for expedited shipping and it took a week to get here. I had to call the seller and they refunded the price of expedited and only charged me standard shipping. Very nice to work with. They corrected the issue without hesitation.
If you're looking for a TV that gives the most bang for your buck, this is it!
5 Star Rating  "Awe inspiring picture" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This TV has one of the highest quality pictures on the market. It makes my Blue Ray and Videogames look great. The game mode feature is also a definite plus.
4 Star Rating  "NICE TV" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
The TV is very functional and looks amazing with Blue Ray and HD TV. Hook up a surround sound system and you are good to go!
1 Star Rating  "Stand broke" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
The neck of my Samsung LN-S4695D supplied TV stand broke after 8 months and the 75 pound TV came crashing to the floor. Others have reported the same problem, the neck is all plastic and cannot support the weight of the TV. I have to give their service 5 stars they replaced the TV with a brand new LN-T4661F which has a stronger neck and stand.
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