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  • Appropriate for ages 12 and up--supports rider weight from 80-180 pounds
  • New Stowable Adjustment tool refuses to get lost--Ultra-fast, single pin piston adjustment
  • Based on a one-of-a-kind, patented, fully adjustable elastometric spring system
  • One-year warranty
Product Description
The Flybar® 800 Pogo Stick is based on an elastromeric spring system that's powered by your leg strength and body weight. The low-impact design and high-performance springs allow riders to achieve elevations of over 4 feet (for riders between 80 and 180 lbs). The ultra-fast, single-pin adjustment enables a quick switch for differing skill levels and rider weights.

Product Description
The Flybar 800 is definitely not your grandparent's pogo stick. This revolutionary, gravity-defying device can propel you four feet into the air, thanks to the eight heavy-gauge elastomer rubber "thruster" rods--which are specially formulated to stretch up to 300 percent. The spring system can be fine-tuned to reflect any jumper's skill level, body weight and goals.

In addition to being a screaming good time, the Flybar 800 is also ideal for building balance, strength and endurance with a truly inspirational and challenging workout. Its body is constructed of high-strength, reinforced aluminum and it features sure-grip handlebars and foot pegs that let you stick every bounce perfectly. Designed for ages 12 and older, it supports riders from 80 to 180 pounds. Wear a helmet and use only with adult supervision.
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Buy Flybar 800 for $505.96
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Buy Flybar 800 for $829.48
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Flybar 800 Specs:
Product NameFlybar 800
Retail Price $249.99
Manufactured in:Made in USA
Weight16 lbs.
Last Updated:27-August-2015
Deal first added on:14-December-2006


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Flybar 800
5 Star Rating  "It is a FUN machine!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from New Jersey, USA
Yes yes, the title is corny, but it's TRUE! I have had this for almost a year, and it doesn't get old. It wows people, drops their jaws, and I even got a free ice cream cone from Rita's for showing it to them... WITH sprinkles :D Well, I was jumping mild height (2-3 feet) when SNAP! A thruster broke. I was furious until I discovered that the Flybar company will send you replacements for FREE! DEFINITELY get this!
5 Star Rating  "The Flybar 800" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I have to say I am a huge fanatic of the flybar 800 and the flybar 1200. It's a bit corny I suppose to say I own about 2-3 of each and the reason why is because they are amazing. Not only are they extremely fun they are also very durable. I started out by gettin the flybar 1200 for a bit of fun and excercise purposes since then flybar has giving me free products to try and even sponsored me! Okay, so you might think I am biased now but I can promise you they are the best, I tried other similar products and they either don't last or don't go as high. I actually have become such a fanatic that I even created a flybar fan site. It is called [...] if you are even remotely interested in this product you should come and check it out.
5 Star Rating  "Very Cool" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Fayetteville, NC
I bought the POGO stick for my friend for her birthday and she LOVES it. Thanks the product is great. I did have a problem with the bolts and the tool not being included with the orginal order but the company sent it out right away after we discovered the missing items. I am very happy with my order Thank You.
3 Star Rating  "Performance like promised but care for spares" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Langen/ Germany
The Flybar is a nice product and my son loves it.
However after a few days of use the a shock pad fell of in pieces
My claim was received/confirmed and solved IMMEDIATELY;
Two weeks later one out of eight thrusters gave up
and I need to contact service again.
Living in Germany makes things not easy when calling for help.
4 Star Rating  "Small Flaws" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from St. Paul, MN USA
I bought this for my twelve year-old son who'd gotten very skilled with a "regular" pogo-stick and needed to move on. We found the FlyBar and I bought it for him for Christmas. Generally it behaves as advertised, however there are a few minor flaws I'd like to share. The most significant is that one of the four threaded holes where screws fit to hold the cover in place was neither drilled nor threaded. We decided to live with it and hold the cover on with the remaining three screws, it being Christmas it's hard to tell a twelve year-old you need to ship his prize gift back for a new one.

He started to use it for a while, on days it wasn't snowing, and a small insignificant part broke. This didn't disable the pogo-stick but this is a heavy-duty high-end product and that shouldn't happen.
2 Star Rating  "Fun but thrusters break easily" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Reston, VA United States
My son saved his allowance and did extra work so that he could purchase this. When finally he saved enough, we ordered and he loved it immediately. It does bounce very high (but not scary high)and the ride seems smooth. He wanted me to write a very positive review the very next day so that everyone would know what a great product it was.

However, within two days a thruster broke. We contacted the manufacturer who gladly replaced it with not only one thruster but TWELVE. Wow, I thought, how generous. It quickly became apparent why they sent so many out--they break very, VERY easily. At least six of ours have broken in less than a month. At this rate the life expectancy of this pogo stick is extremely limited, and we are very disappointed.

This product is fun for a day, and then it starts to break. Not worth the $200.
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