Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set (O-Gauge)
Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set (O-Gauge)

Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set (O-Gauge)

Lionel Trains


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  • Locomotive has operating headlight and puffing smoke; air whistle in the tender
  • Locomotive features die-cast metal locomotive body and frame, powerful maintenance-free motor, two traction tires, and separately applied metal handrails
  • Operating couplers on rolling stock and on rear of tender
  • Passenger cars feature interior lighting and silhouettes in windows
Product Description
Now, you can own the ever popular Polar Express train from Lionel. Painstakingly designed to be true to the original, this exclusive Lionel train set features a die-cast metal Berkshire steam locomotive with a new, larger pilot, headlight lens cap and unique whistle. The engine and tender are painted in a dark, matte finish to complete the image.

Following the locomotive and tender are two lighted coach cars. The observation car features a new rounded observation deck. Silhouettes in the windows depict passengers, and the joyful coach car is where the kids get their fill of hot chocolate and candy. A 40" x 60" oval track completes the set.

Articulated figures with turning heads, movable arms, bendable waists and jointed knees are included. They can be posed and placed on areas of the locomotive, tender and passenger cars.

Locomotive Features:
  • Transformer controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation
  • Air whistle in tender
  • Operating headlight
  • Operating coupler on rear of tender
  • Powerful maintenance-free motor
  • Two traction tires
  • Puffing smoke
  • Die-cast metal locomotive body and frame
  • Separately applied metal handrails
  • All-new pilot and headlight lens shield
Passenger Cars Feature:
  • Interior lighting
  • Decorated drumhead on observation car
  • All-new, rounded observation deck
  • Silhouettes in windows
  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Minimum Curve: 0-27
  • Dimensions: Length: 63 3/8"
  • Railroad track layout dimensions: 40" x 60"
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eBay Store youfinallyfoundonehere
5 Star Rating
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Lionel 6-31960 6-28649 Polar Express Berkshire Locomotive And Tender C7 / C8 W Box
eBay Store 7 Floors
7 Floors
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Lionel 6-31960 The Polar Express Train Set O 027 MIB 2-8-4 Berkshire W
eBay Store Ugotagooddeal Marketplace
Ugotagooddeal Marketplace
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6104 reviews
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New Lionel Polar Express O Gauge Electric Train Set 6-31960 * Box Has Minor Wear
eBay Store clay's&sue's hobbyoutlet
clay's&sue's hobbyoutlet
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Lionel 31960 polar express set mint in the box
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Lionel Model Trains 6-31960 The Polar Express O Gauge Set 2-8-4 Berkshire
eBay Store EdenOg
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Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set - O Gauge
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Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set (O-Gauge) Specs:
Product NameLionel Trains Polar Express Train Set (O-Gauge)
ManufacturerLionel Trains
Product Number MPN6-31960
Retail Price $289.99
Dimensions29 x 21 x 6.7 in.
Weight21 lbs.
Last Updated:30-July-2015
Deal first added on:17-December-2006


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set (O-Gauge)
3 Star Rating  "A little disappointed...." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
We bought this trainset to let it run around our tree this year. But sadly it is very loud. You can't let the train run and listen to music - the train make to much noise.
The metal on metal (from the points of getting the power) noise is absolutely not relaxing and any try to get the train less noisy didn't work out.
The idea is great, but that noise - sorry, I would not buy this again!
5 Star Rating  "Thanks for the Memories" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from New York City
A Lionel train set is made to have a child's imagination soar and weave the bonds of memory between a parent and child that will go beyond a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation. A Lionel train set is one of those gifts that survived the computer age where the microscope set and chemistry set sank into oblivion, and it's easy to see why. The Lionel is something that can be added to, and built upon, year after year to become collector's item before you know it.

This train set is an "O" gauge which means the locomotive is not something you want to drop on your foot, unless you wish to double the number of bones in the same. The locomotive is heavy but the following cars will probably be plastic. It goes forward and in reverse requiring minimual lubrication when run, say, once a year, but it may take a few runs around the track to get maximum performance. Its headlight lights the way. The transformer is what runs the train. It has the whistle and reverse button, and the speed lever. The lever will generate enough speed to run the train off the track as it tries to negotiate a curve. Transformer wires are connected to the track.

The tracks are the next generation with simulated gravel and ties that replace the old metal ones where ties were laboriously placed underneath by hand. Some train afficionados dislike the Lionel over its HO counterpart because it has a "third rail," unlike real train tracks, but the snap-on feature may make them more amenable to the lack of realism.

The Polar Express Cars are magical. There is one where a hobo sits atop a car and disappears beneath the roof as it passes under a tunnel. The plastic tunnel might be extra and comes in a variety of sizes. The Polar Express cars are passenger cars, but it should not discourage the train lover from purchasing additional freight cars that come in a variety of colors and themes.

While the train might run fine on a floor or rug, I advise against it. Copy paper boxes work, placing them top end down without the covers, so they don't slide. Placing a sheet of plywood over the top and pine wood attached by hinges along each side to cover the boxes. The tracks can be arranged in a number of configurations, and the builder can begin the attendant cursing of putting the tracks together and the wires that go to the transformer. It's simply a mattter of putting the trains on the tracks after that in the order of your preference. If the cars tend to uncouple, I recommend getting a rubber band and wrapping it several times around the coupler tightly. The cars will not disengage. Add spices such as trees, tunnels, cranes, towers, figurines and buildings to taste und voila! You have a mystical village that will last your children a lifetime. And long after the mystique has left their adult minds, they will be passing this special gift to their children.

The Lionel train set has been in our family since 1949. I still have the original booklet that tells me if I have any problems to call a variety of telephone numbers, except they are only six digits long.

I have assets far exceeding the value of a Lionel train set, but I own nothing more valuable.
5 Star Rating  "A true Classic train" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Colorado
I love this train set,I bought it right after the movie came out and we saw it in the theater. The set has been running under our tree every year since. It ads that home feeling and Christmas spirit to our home. I play the Polar Express movie on disc and have the train running slowly all day long Christmas day. The children love it!
4 Star Rating  "This one was non-smoker" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from God Bless America
Very enjoyable, was suppose to be a smoker but couldn't get it to. Grandkids and my own kids loved it though.
5 Star Rating  "Great train when the price is right." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
Bought this after Christmas for 212. At this price I cannot complain. The engine alone was cost 150 or more and the z80 power supply is about 70 dollars, circle track set costs 40 to buy, and not to forget the pasenger cars 35 a piece, this set is still underpriced at msrp. That is the trick with Lionel, they sell a set real cheap to get you in the door. Then you are floored with how much anything is additional unless you win an auction.
As for quality, considering the "real" detailed Lionel engines are over 1,000 each, this train is no let down in build quality. Obviously since this still is a "model", bulls in the china shop probably expect it to be indestructible. The engine is heavy and does contain some "delicate" details on the exterior. Parents with poorly behaved children should avoid anything like this requiring care so the engine is not doomed to the trash heap. For well parented children, this train provides an evening of entertainment. Of course get ready to second mortgage the home to buy expansion sets to keep things fun in the long run.
5 Star Rating  "Lionel O Guage Polar Express Train Set" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This O Guage set is a beautiful train set, very heavy and durable when set up. Be careful removing from the foam packaging however. I picked the engine up in the dark of the basement prior to Christmas and broke some of the small plastic loops that hold the wire on. Too late to see the strap they provide you to remove the engine from the foam packaging. Other than that, the set is very durable, and did i say heavy? Stays on the track very well. I had shopped around on the net, and Amazon had the best price with delivery by Christmas time.
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