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Vtech Sort 'n Go Car

Vtech Sort 'n Go Car

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VTECH LITTLE SMART Sort 'n Go Car w / Shapes Musical Pull Toy REPLACEMENT BLOCKSVTECH LITTLE SMART Sort 'n Go Car w / Shapes Musical Pull Toy REPLACEMENT BLOCKS
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Vtech Sort 'n Go Car Specs:
Product NameVtech Sort 'n Go Car
ManufacturerV Tech
Product Number MPN80-070100
Retail Price $17.99
Weight3 lbs.
Last Updated:29-July-2015
Deal first added on:28-April-2008
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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Vtech Sort 'n Go Car
5 Star Rating  "Beware of the price!! but super cool toy!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from newark, ca
My one year old(girl) really loves this toy. It can be played as a car and includes a pull along cord to drag it everywhere. Also it plays fun music and lights etc. It is educational too. As another reviewer says, it is little difficult to put the shapes in the holes. My daughter can open and close the trunk pretty well..Its is very compact too. It costs much less than $80 odd given in amazon here
4 Star Rating  "Sort and Learn Van" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from APO, AP USA
My 21 month old still enjoys this toy. The colors are bright and fun, the songs are fun. It's a little hard to fit the various shapes into its designated spots because of the design of the Van so my son sometimes gets frustrated but with a little help from mama all is well.
1 Star Rating  "Sorter impossible to use, red button broken" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Waipahu, HI
I just purchased this toy from Amazon based on the great reviews it had. Unfortunately I must have received a lemon. Upon opening the toy, I noticed that the red button on the front was broken, it doesn't press down, and it doesn't make any sounds. The other two buttons seem to work fine. Secondly, the shape sorter is next to impossible to use. There are these small blue buttons in the openings for the sorter that activate various sounds and learning for the toddler. The buttons on the toy I have, seem to be sticking out too much, so when you try to push a shape through, the side of the button blocks the opening so that the shape doesn't go through. Like other toys I have, I believe that when you push the shape through the opening, it is supposed to push in the button to make the sounds. This just doesn't work on my toy. I have contacted Vtech regarding these problems and am waiting for a response.

Other than those problems, the toy seems pretty cute. There is a rather long pull-along string that your toddler can pull, which you can also hide in the battery compartment. You can also push it along, and the wheels turning make the dog in the driver's seat sway side to side. There are also two modes, learning and music, which you can select on the top part. The three buttons in the "hood" of the van teach shapes and colors. The shapes are supposed to fit in the back of the van, which also opens in the back so the pieces can be taken out.

The only other downside is that there is no volume control. I guess I will probably put a sticker over the speaker part to muffle it a bit.

At this point, I am not considering giving this toy to my daughter at all, since the sorting is next to impossible and I don't want to confuse her when she puts the correct shape in each opening, only to have it not go through because of the button.

Hopefully Vtech will respond to me soon, so I can update this when it happens.

Okay, Vtech did not reply to my first email, so I sent it again, and after a couple days, Vtech sent me a basic email telling me to replace the batteries and then rapidly slide the on/off switch back and forth 40 times. That seems useless as this product has a push button on/off. Also, this won't help the fact that the red button sticks. The email also said to call them to get a return label if the problem persists.
5 Star Rating  "keeps active baby entertained" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from CA
My 14 month old loves this toy. The music, while annoying to me (synthesized and tinny) is just a barrel of fun for him. The tunes are especially upbeat with a synthesized dog barking out some of the melodies. Baby doesn\t really use the sorter which can be a tight fit, but he loves pulling out the different blocks and pushing the buttons. He still has trouble figuring out how to pull down the rear yellow door, and can be quite rough with the toy, but it has held up through a lot of abuse.
5 Star Rating  "Educational" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from MI
This little sorter is very educational. It descibes the shapes as you put them in the van and gives the children safety tips (always buckle up,etc). The red, green and yellow piano keys on the front of the van say stop, go and slow down and look both ways. There is a music mode and a learning mode. The only thing I can say negitive about this sorter is the shapes are a little bit difficult for a toddler to put though their openings but not bad.
4 Star Rating  "Nice Toy" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Shrewsbury
This is a nice toy my son loved it. worth the price i payed (ofcourse on a good discount)
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