Poulan Pro 25 cc Gas Blower Vacuum with Variable Speed and 10 to 1 Mulch Ratio #BVM200VS
Poulan Pro 25 cc Gas Blower Vacuum

Poulan Pro 25 cc Gas Blower Vacuum with Variable Speed and 10 to 1 Mulch Ratio #BVM200VS



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  • 200 MPH and 430 CFM
  • Trigger speed control
  • 40:1 2 cycle oil to gas ratio
  • 25 cc power
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Poulan Pro 25 cc Gas Blower Vacuum with Variable Speed and 10 to 1 Mulch Ratio #BVM200VS Specs:
Product NamePoulan Pro 25 cc Gas Blower Vacuum with Variable Speed and 10 to 1 Mulch Ratio #BVM200VS
Product Number MPNBVM200VS
Retail Price
Weight15 lbs.
Last Updated:28-August-2015
Deal first added on:14-May-2008


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Poulan Pro 25 cc Gas Blower Vacuum with Variable Speed and 10 to 1 Mulch Ratio #BVM200VS
3 Star Rating  "Possible Repair For Starting and Running Problem" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Frankenmuth, MI
I bought one of these at a garage sale ("Will Not Run") for $5.00, and it appeared that it was used very little. I decided to take a chance since I know a bit about small engines. I disassembled and cleaned the carburator, and this thing wouln't even bark. Hmmm, I took the muffler side apart and immediately noticed that there was only one small 1/4 inch hole drilled in the muffler (under the outer baffle) to let the exhaust out. That certainly isn't enough space to let the exhaust out, and the motor will not run correctly or start easily (or at all) if the exhaust cannot get out (like putting a banana in the tailpipe). I removed the muffler and the thing started right up with 3 pulls. (a bit loud without a muffler). I drilled 3 additional 1/4 inch holes under the baffle, and also drilled some more 1/8 inch holes along the front edge of the baffle, to let the exhaust escape. Reassembled the muffler and this blower now starts and runs perfectly......HOT or COLD. If your having problems with starting and/or running, chech the muffler as it is possibly not drilled correctly from the factory. Good Luck.............
2 Star Rating  "Poor Reliability" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
Had the same running issue as most, eventually would not start. Took carb apart and cleaned thinking something got inside. Worked 1 time then same thing. Made several attempts then finally purchased a new carb. That worked fine for a short while then back to the same thing. I think I'm over this thing now, on to the better brand - should have known better.
2 Star Rating  "Bad buy" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from South Lyon, Mi.
Wish I had read other reviews before buying this. I thought I was getting a powerful blower with the added bonus of it having leaf vacuum/mulching capability. It started good cold, but the blower was limited until I took the attachment nozzle off. Then it operated pretty good as a blower, but not as good as my old trusty Weed Eater unit. I then tried to use it as a vacuum/mulcher. Big mistake. As long as I only picked up leaves it worked OK. But this thing will actually pick up a twig as large as 1" in diameter, then it will clog up and you have to shut it down and clean it out. But, don't wait too long to restart it, because once it is hot, it is difficult, if not impossible to restart until it cools down. The mulch bag is also very difficult to empty out as it only opens at the short side instead of along two sides like my Weed Eater. Again, don't take too long to empty the bag or the engine will not restart. The bag unit is also difficult to remove from the machine because there is a plastic nozzle that fits inside the bag and attaches to the engine. After loosening the hold down screw, I had to hold the hot engine between my feet while I struggled to get the plastic nozzle out of the engine so I could empty the bag. This machine is not well thought out or user friendly. My wife was picking up more leaves with her Toro electric than I was with this supposedly powerful gas machine. When we were finally done picking up leaves in our yard, I took the inlet tube off of the machine and noticed that about half of the impeller blades were already eaten away, probably from the twigs it injested. I don't expect this machine to last very long. My last complaint is the outside packaging. I did not see on the outside of the box where they recomend to use synthetic 2 cycle oil. So I bought 2 bottles of non-synthetic oil. Luckily they give you a bottle of synthetic oil with the machine. I will use the 2 bottles of non-synthetic in my 20 year old Weed Eater and will have better results and less cussing! DO NOT BUY!
3 Star Rating  "Poulan Pro Blower - It Really Blows!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
MY THOUGHTS: My first thoughts with this blower is that its no good to be used with the high speed nozzle. I used it for the first time with it on and it did not work good at all, because it focus's the air in a very short pattern, thus decreasing air volume. My friend and I did a bench test, and both of us agreed, that even though you would think that the HP nozzle would improve the air flow, it does not. You will actually have more air volume if you don't use the HP nozzle, and thus will improve leaf blowing efficiency.

Most hand-held blowers, won't do 200-MPH, so Poulans biggest selling point is the fact that theirs will. So in all actuality, Poulan is using marketing hype to sell their product. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad leaf blower. It just means, don't believe everything you hear. I recommend that you never use the HP nozzle. Test it out and see for yourself!

EXPERIENCE: My experience with this blower has been overall good, I just want to point out a few things. First of all, it is not that hard to start it, as long as you follow the proper procedure. If you don't, you will probably flood it, and then have a hard time starting it. I would recommend you only use synthetic 2-cycle oil in your mixed gas, that's why it comes with a bottle of synthetic, as it is a cleaner burning oil vs regular oil.

BLOWING: As for its blowing ability, I think it does an excellent job, definitely on par with my electric blower at least. It will move leaves, grass, dirt, pine needles, and other debri easily, even at lower throttle settings. At higher throttle levels, its like a hurricane! The engine actually runs very smooth and it idles well. Though I believe I could adjust my blower to idle lower, I choose not to, as the engine could easily die at idle when it is cold.

This blower is very gas efficient. I filled the tank all the way up and then ran it for 20 minutes, still has a full tank! I ran it a third time for 10 minutes, still almost has a full tank! So what does this tell me? It tells me that you can get at least an hour of use before the tank is dry, which equals a lot of leaf blowing!

VACUUM: As mentioned in the introduction paragraph, this leaf blower has the ability to vacuum leaves as well and mulch them up via the plastic impeller. I am less happy with this function because of the fact it uses a plastic impeller. My electric blower has a metal impeller, which means it can not only mulch leaves, but small twigs and pine cones as well. I highly don't recommend you suck up things like that with this gas blower, as you will damage the plastic impeller.

As far as how good it mulches leaves? Seems to do ok, I would think the 10:1 mulch ratio would be accurate, as it seems to reduce the number of bags you would normally have without the mulch function. This is great cause most of you need to get rid of your leaves through your trash pickup service. However, the included bag does fill up quickly, so you will have to empty it often, but that's no problem.

DEPENDABILITY: The biggest thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a low end home owners model, I would never recommend it to any landscaper. Though it passes emissions tests for the first 50-hours, chances are, the blower will not last till then. I would give this blower 20-hours before it dies. In which case, something will need to be replaced on it to get it going again. The first thing to usually go with these is, compression, so bare that in mind. This is also why its highly important that you follow my recommendations in regards to maintenance!

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, I think this is a good blower for a home owner, who will only use it maybe 5-hours max per year. I recommend you follow the maintenance tips I have laid here in, and I also recommend only using fresh mixed gas at the proper 40:1 ratio. I like my Poulan leaf blower and would probably buy another one. I give this blower a 3 out of 5.
5 Star Rating  "power blower" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Brick, New Jersey
I purchased this for my husband for his birthday. He has used it numerous times. He really enjoys it.
4 Star Rating  "Poulan Leaf Blower" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from KS USA
I have been please with the use of this product. My only concern is that when using the leaf bag/vac adapter, if the bag falls on the same side as the exhaust it will burn a hole in it.
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