Yamaha YPT-310 Portable Keyboard with Adapter (YPT-310AD)
Yamaha YPT-310 Portable Keyboard

Yamaha YPT-310 Portable Keyboard with Adapter (YPT-310AD)



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  • 482 instrument voices
  • Music Database
  • SFF for internet compatibility
  • 2 Track Sequencer and Flash ROM
  • Includes AC Adapter
Product Description
The Yamaha YPT-310 is a touch sensitive instrument that features 482 dynamic & authentic voices with 361 XGlite voices, 12 drum kits, 106 accompaniment styles and 102 built-in songs. Its music database contains 100 songs for instantly setting entire instrument to match a desired music genre. Special two-track Easy Recording lets you record and save up to five of your original songs, great for composing and practice purposes. This model includes an AC Adapter. 32 Notes of Polyphony Style File Format (SFF) allows you to download style data from the internet Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S) with a 9 Step Piano Lesson Suite for easy and simple lessons to play keyboard and piano 2-Track Sequencer and Flash ROM Store Your Music Stereo Speakers with Bass Ports Headphone Jack for Private listening (Headphones are Optional) 482 Instrument Voices including - 108 Standard, 361 XGLite Voices, 12 Drum Kits and a Sound Effect Kit Music Database allows any player to sound like a pro in over 200 styles of music Accompaniment on/off, sync-start, start/stop, intro/ending, main A/B (auto fill) Port for optional pedal Dimensions - Width 37-1/4 x Depth 14-5/8 x Height 5-1/16 inches (945mm x 370mm x 128mm) Weight - 10 pounds, 13 ounces Includes AC Adapter
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Yamaha YPT-310 Portable Keyboard with Adapter (YPT-310AD) Specs:
Product NameYamaha YPT-310 Portable Keyboard with Adapter (YPT-310AD)
Product Number MPNYPT310AD
Retail Price $279.95
Weight16 lbs.
Last Updated:04-August-2015
Deal first added on:26-September-2008


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Yamaha YPT-310 Portable Keyboard with Adapter (YPT-310AD)
5 Star Rating  "Yamaha YPT310AD keyboard" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I am happy to write a review for the Yamaha keyboard which I purchased. I needed a light weight, very portable keyboard and did not want a full size keyboard. This keyboard was an excellent choice and has features of much more expensive keyboards on the market. The instrument sounds I have tried are very good and the keys are touch sensitive. You can also set it so you are playing one instrument on the top and another on the bottom. It has a super church organ sound as well, and also a super violin sound. Although I am not using the beginner features, it has a lot of teaching components for beginners. I am quite confident you will like this keyboard.
5 Star Rating  "Reasons to choose this model." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I've owned many keyboards over the years, and I'll tell you, this one-for the value-is head and shoulders above the rest. Not only are the voice options much more varied in depth and tone than virtually all other keyboards in this price range, the sheer amount of voices are kind of astounding. We're talking 40 voices for the piano alone! Not to mention the multitude of organ, strings, etc. The drum kits are nice and the timpani sounds amazing. Add to all this the multitude of voice options such as sustain, octave adjustment, harmony voice assignment and much more. Plus it has a teaching feature that can teach you 100 songs note-for-note, many are classical favorites that sound good, unlike most keyboards that feature corny instrumentation.
there is no reason to buy any other model of keyboard in this price range. Excellent!!!
5 Star Rating  "A Long, Detailed Review, Especially About Sound Quality" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Onset, MA USA
Reviewers have a wide range of opinion regarding this keyboard, with some claiming it is terrific and others that it is awful. This note attempts to reconcile these different claims and help potential buyers make the best decision.

1. The YPT-310 is functionally identical to the earlier model YPT-300. The new model changes simply made the device more environmentally friendly ("greener").

2. The YPT-310 is not a piano. A piano doesn't need batteries or an adapter that plugs into an outlet. If you are willing to pay thousands of dollars, you can purchase a piano that produces wonderful sounds, and the key action has a good feel. On the other hand, pianos take up a lot of room. They need to be regularly tuned. They are sensitive to humidity and temperature. Eventually a piano will need to be repaired. The sound you create on a piano can bother your neighbors. In addition, pianos produce only one kind of sound, that which is generated by hammers striking strings. (Some people have done bizarre things to pianos, such as putting tacks into the hammers, but most of us are not going to make these modifications).

Pianists who have played a great deal of piano music, who have no interest in expanding their palette of musical tone color, or who have neither the time nor desire to learn about the controls on a modern synthesizer are unlikely to be happy with the YPT-310. On the other hand, someone who appreciates the tone color of different instruments and is willing to invest a small amount of time learning about synthesizers, will find that this keyboard opens up a whole new world of musical possibilities.

3. Sustain Pedal (foot pedal). The sustain pedal allows the sound to continue after you release a key. This is critically important; without a sustain pedal, you have only half an instrument. This keyboard does not come with a sustain pedal; you will have to purchase it separately. The pedal costs very little, and the cheapest one (about $15) can be glued to a piece of wood to keep it from moving around under foot.

Note: when you power up the YPT-310, the keyboard software "assumes" the foot pedal is not depressed. If the sustain stops when you press the foot pedal, that means you had it depressed when you turned on the keyboard.

4. Sound Quality. There are three ways to produce sounds from the keyboard. You can use the speakers that are part of the device; you can use the headphone jack and the analog signal available there to externally produce sound; or you can use the MIDI interface to have external equipment generate sound based on key press characteristics. The YPT-310 is capable of producing fabulous sounds as well as horrible sounds. The following notes give further details and make some specific suggestions on how to produce the more pleasing sounds.

5. Speakers and Headphones. The built-in speakers have very limited bass response; that is, the low frequency sounds (sounds with a low pitch) are weak. Ironically, some of the most beautiful sounds the YPT-310 can produce are in this low frequency range. The violin (instrument 53), flute (instrument 84), and Vibraphone (instrument 101) are examples of this. In order to hear these sounds, rather than the poor imitation coming from the built-in speakers, you will need headphones or the ability to connect the headphone output jack to a more capable sound system. If you want to listen to some of the beautiful sounds this instrument is capable of, check out the 30 second samples of the music found on the Time album at[...]. The voices from the keyboard were sent via the headphone jack to a computer where they were mixed using multi-track software. Typical of professionally mastered CDs, post processing was performed on some of these tracks using software; for example, echo effects were sometime used and multiple tracks laid down to create ensembles. However, the instrumental voices heard on every single track were generated by this inexpensive keyboard. The quality of the 30 second samples isn't the best possible, since they are in MP3 format, but you will hear some amazing sounds if you are using headphones or a good speaker-driven sound system. The tracks on the CD itself sound better. More information about the YPT-310 voices used on each track of the CD can be found at [...].

6. Listening Environment. Your music listening environment can dramatically change how the music is perceived. For example, most cars are not good places to listen to music, especially if you don't use headphones. If you are composing music, your sonic environment can also influence the content of your compositions.

7. "I Hate Synthesizers." There are some people who simply hate the sound of synthesizers; they often describe the sound as harsh, mechanical, or cold. In addition, there sometimes is an unnatural, high frequency component to the sound. I agree that some sounds from some synthesizers have these characteristics, and I will even agree that many of the sounds from the YPT-310 sound this way. However, I also found very pleasing sounds among its many voices. Even the sounds that are less than pleasing can be put to good use. I found that some voices, such as the bassoon, could be made warmer by using the built in dual voice function to add an accompanying string section. I also found other sounds that became important compositionally, even though they sounded cold as solo voices.

8. Finding Beautiful Sounds. Because of the way this synthesizer generates different notes based on a sound sample from a real acoustic instrument, the tone quality (sometimes called tone coloration or harmonics) can depend on the pitch of the note. This is also true of real acoustic instruments, the bassoon being a striking example. As I mentioned previously, the violin, vibraphone, and flute sound especially good in their low registers on this keyboard. The "Clavi," "Baritone Sax," and "Fretless Bass 4" voices do too. Some instruments sound best when played in a range that is higher than normal. For example, the Oud sounds like a sweet, tiny bell in its upper register. If you want to produce a variety of useful sounds, you have to be willing to explore the keyboard by sampling different voices in a variety of registers and other settings.

9. The Bottom Line. For around [....], this is an amazing instrument. It can be used to produce professional quality music, if its limitations are respected and its strengths taken advantage of.

5 Star Rating  "Great Product--Great service" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
The ketboard arrived in perfect condition snd very fast service. I give boty five stars.
5 Star Rating  "Loving it" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I'm 24, learning to play the piano. I wanted a keyboard that had touch-sensitive keys (louder when you hit them harder)... that was my main requirement.

After looking at a few keyboards and messing around with a few demos on display, I purchased this one. The price was less than most keyboards that have these features, and the quality of the keys is actually better than more expensive keyboards I looked at.

I can't comment on the recording/playback and lessons etc, but I can say that the sound quality is surprisingly good, the voices, styles and other interesting options are all top notch as far as I can tell.

If I had to make a complaint about the keyboard, it's only this: there is a very slight hiss from the speakers that's only audible when you're in a perfectly silent room and not playing anything... but it's VERY faint, even air coming from your central air vents is enough to hide the sound. And it's entirely possible that my keyboard had a manufacturing problem. It's not an issue though.

I'm very pleased with my purchase, and probably won't outgrow this keyboard anywhere in the near future. Also the keyboard looks nice, and has basic features that many people might want like headphone output, midi output, foot pedal input, etc.
4 Star Rating  "Nice Keyboard for my daughter" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This seems to be a great keyboard for my 6yr old daughter. She has just started Piano lessons and is really into them. This Yamaha was at a great price point and is one that i am told she will be able to use for several years to come. Typical Yamaha quality and build - solid and well made. I bought this over a few other similar models as it came with the power adapter and the "piano" mode so that when you strike a key soft or hard it is like a piano in that the sound producesd is more realistic and louder or softer...
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