Mitsubishi L65A90 65 LaserVue Rear Projection Laser TV
Mitsubishi L65A90 65" LaserVue Rear Projection

Mitsubishi L65A90 65" LaserVue Rear Projection Laser TV



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  • 1080p Display
  • UltraThin Frame
  • Smooth 120Hz
  • Twice the Color
Product Description
Mitsubishis LaserVue Laser TV harnesses the power of the worlds purest light source to deliver two times the color1 of many of todays HDTVs. Laser beams provide an extensive range of rich, complex colors, truly distinct clarity, and immersive depth of field. LaserVue sets the new standard for large screen television by delivering unimaginable color at approximately one third the operating power consumption of similarly-sized LCD TVs and one fourth of plasmas. LaserVue also comes equipped with 3D-ready viewing technology. Mitsubishi LaserVue...Simply the Greatest Picture on the Planet!
The Mitsubishi L65A90 65" LaserVue Rear Projection Laser TV is no longer in stock at any of the 70,000 stores listed on GoSale.
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Mitsubishi Tuner for LT46146, LT52149, WD60735, WD65736, L65A90. 295P544030Mitsubishi Tuner for LT46146, LT52149, WD60735, WD65736, L65A90. 295P544030
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Buy Mitsubishi Tuner for LT46146, LT52149, WD60735, WD65736, L65A90. 295P544030 Now
Mitsubishi RF switch for LT46146, LT52148, WD65835, L65A90. 305P709010Mitsubishi RF switch for LT46146, LT52148, WD65835, L65A90. 305P709010
7     5
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Buy Mitsubishi RF switch for LT46146, LT52148, WD65835, L65A90. 305P709010 Now

Mitsubishi L65A90 65" LaserVue Rear Projection Laser TV Specs:
Product NameMitsubishi L65A90 65" LaserVue Rear Projection Laser TV
Product Number MPNL65-A90
Retail Price $6999.00
Diagonal Screen Size60 - 69 inches
Weight100 lbs.
Last Updated:02-August-2015
Deal first added on:30-November-2008


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Mitsubishi L65A90 65" LaserVue Rear Projection Laser TV
5 Star Rating  "Do you know how to review" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Hemet California
First I don't have this TV! I have a WD-65737 which has been great. I can't understand people writing about price as a review! They must not have looked up what a review is! Amazon list's 4 item's Appearance, Ease of use, Picture quality, Sound quality, that you can give star's to PRICE is not one of them! So that should be a clue?
First pricing is a product of supply supply supply supply and also demand. If you can build 20,000,000 TV'S with the people and the space advertising and equipment you have and those cost's are not changed because you only put out 1,000,000 set's in a year your product is going to cost more than when you put out the whole 20,000,000 set's in a year! Also demand come's into play! 1,000,000 set's are produced and there are 2,000,000 buyer's or more. If you were selling your house would you not like that? Also the retailers have a margin of profit they need to make. Having a 2 to 1 field in there favor they can ask full retail and in some cases more. Remember it is a suggested price!!! not in stone. They could if they want say to a buyer paying full price I want to sell it to another buyer for $2000.00 less. That might make those who complain about price in a review happy but I would like to see them cut there pay in half so I can get a better deal on what they sell or do.
If you have read this far then it is not really time well spent on the 1 and 2 rating's as most of them are complaining about price! The few others do have problems. But as with any product there will be some problems. My major concern is how does the company handle them? As far as I can tell Mitsubishi does well above average. This set should be no less than a 4.5 to 4.8 as far as I can see.
Now I should say I have no affiliation with this company except for having two products of there's a 10 year old Mitsubishi WS-65905 65" which has only started to give me problems and the new WD-65737 3D ready.
Please stop wasting my time with cost as I am looking for does it do what they say and do they cover problem's when it does not! I am a adult and can make up my mind if it cost's to much!
Last it is not what it cost it is what is it worth to you.....
5 Star Rating  "Amazing Picture, new price drop" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Surprise, AZ
So my husband and I just purchased this television tonight, we are still waiting on delivery, but spent almost 2 hours in the store comparing color and video quality.

I have been researching tv's for about 8 months now waiting to see what we could upgrade to in our new house. We finally decided to go down to Ultimate Electronics today with their Memorial Day Sales, boy were we in for a surprise.

We had seen their ad and decided to compare three tv's within our price range, and did some internet reviews prior to going to the store so we would be educated. We were looking at a 50" Plasma, 60" DLP, or a 40" LCD all of those tv's were on sale in the same range of $650-$777. Finally after reading the reviews, seeing them in person, and talking to the sales guy in person we were pretty much sold that DLP had the best picture and sound compared to the other aforementioned, and even better than the LED's , so we thought.

While looking at the 60" Mitsubishi DLP on sale for a mere $777, we were discussing the cost of the replacement bulbs, about $200 and need to be replaced almost annually, plus the fact that the sales guy just had to replace the color wheel after only 14 months of owning his DLP with traditional bulb and colorwheel. It seemed like a very costly set to own, with no real guaranteed life expectancy.

So he hits us hard for the big sale . . . . . . . He would sell us the 65" Mitubishi Laservue with stand ($399 value) marked down from $6k to $3,799, and then an unadvertised sale of $2000 flat for the set and the stand, plus free delivery! We weren't looking to spend that much, but after seeing the picture quality, the sound quality, the 3D ready, wall mount capable, no moving parts for longer life expectancy (no color wheel), no bulb that needs replaced every 3k-5k viewing hours. We were sold, we ended up financing it for 36 mths with no interest. We will have it paid off years before that, but it was nice to have the option and especially with no interest. (They are doing this because Mitsubishi is coming out with a new 75" Laservue for $8k and need to make room for it.)

If you have been interested in getting this tv, but could not afford the $5k-$7k price tag, look to see if you have an Ultimate Electronics and see if they can get you this deal too.
5 Star Rating  "Only Mitsubishi" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Canton, MI USA
Having sold TVs for over 5 years, I've seen TVs come and TVs go. I've seen CRT's King, I've seen them become the laughing stock of the technology world. Once LCD's and Plasmas hit, I thought DLP TVs were dead. They weren't as bright, didn't have the viewing angles and were not able to be wall mounted. Then Mitsubishi decided to come back with a bang with their Laservue television. It's wall mountable, has a much better viewing angle, and most importantly, has colors that even plasmas cannot duplicate. The demo I saw in Vegas was the Minnesote Vikings color purple can only be seen in its actual form on the Laservue tv. I only watch Blu Ray on this TV so couldn't tell you how good TV programming looks (assuming you have HD you'll be fine) but all the newer blu rays look like heaven on Earth. At the current moment of typing, I'm watching the second Transformers movie. The colors and clarity bring Blu Ray to the next level. 3D blu rays were just released and this TV being 3D ready means one less thing I need to upgrade to. For now, this is the absolute best TV on the market. I'm a big warranty guy as well and Mitsubishi guarantees for the life of the TV for the lasers to keep working. A DLP style TV with no bulbs that need to be replaced, what better?!?!?!?!?!? Paul's TV is selling this for only 3500 which finally puts it at the price it's going to take to get more people buying it. No better TV on the market, NONE.
2 Star Rating  "Could Have Been Great" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I am returning this television. It is a difficult thing to do. I waited about four years for this television, and in a matter of minutes I knew the dream was over. I have owned Mitsubishi televisions for 20 years. My last television was a WD65000, a top of the line first generation DLP; it was a great television until it stopped working after about nine years. The picture on the LaserVue television is superior to my previous DLP. The LaserVue is brighter, sharper, and more vivid. The thing I like the best about the LaserVue is that it has virtually no reflection. So why am I returning it? Two significant problems with this telvision. First, the glow from the lamp on a dark screen is very problematic. Most of the time it's ok, but on movies with letterbox format and dark screens the glow is just too much. The second problem is even worse in my opinion. The fan on my LaserVue is just too loud. The pitch and volume of the fan are noticeable at most times unless the television volume is way up. I'm not sure all LaserVue televisions are this loud. I had a service repair inspection of the LaserVue, and they claimed the noise was normal. I'm not sure how he came to this opinion since he had never seen a LaserVue television before. I called the special number for LaserVue owners, and they assured me that both of my concerns seemed to be normal characteristics of the television. I went to two stores to look at the LaserVue, and I tried to compare. To determine the noise problem was nearly impossible, since the ambient sound in the store drowned out the fan noise. I put my ear next to the televisions in the store and it seemed quieter than my television, but I can't be sure. The problem with the light was clearly visible on the televisions in the store. I really wanted to keep this LaserVue television, but I can't live with the problems. It seems that very few people have returned these televisions and the reviews are generally good. If you can live with the fan noise and the light, the picture is amazing.
5 Star Rating  "Goosebump-Inducingly AWESOME" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Livonia, MI
Ignore the "haters" reviews if you want the true skinny on this incredible, must-see-it-to-believe-it television. After copious research, my husband and I were 99% sure this was the TV we wanted...but there was one problem. There wasn't a store in our entire state that had one on the floor for us to see in person. With a purchase this expensive, that poses a giant obstacle. Do we buy it sight-unseen? Yikes! (We live in Michigan, and when I called Mitsubishi's general service line, I was told there was a store that had one on the Tennessee.)

Ultimately, we did buy it sight-unseen...directly from Amazon. (I would be cautious about buying it from any of the shadier internet appliance dealers, though - even among Amazon's own 'marketplace' sellers.) The set arrived very quickly, but we did have a problem: thin vertical lines running across 90% of the screen. I called the special number for Laservue owners and spoke directly with a real, live human being in California right away. They immediately arranged to have my set replaced with a brand-new set and have the faulty set shipped back to CA so they could examine it in person. For the incredibly low price for which we purchased this TV from Amazon (under $4K), I didn't mind a bit. Even in the few days it took for the new set to arrive, my husband and I watched the defective set with something approaching awe. The sharpness, the black levels, the otherworldly quality of the color when set on 'Brilliant''s indescribable. I'm so incredibly glad we didn't settle for a plasma with their distractingly reflective screens or an LED-LCD. The Mitsubishi Laservue leaves them all in the dust.

The new set arrived and "glorious" is a decent word to describe the picture quality. And if you're watching something in HD? It's like you can reach right through the screen and touch what you're seeing. I had to laugh when I found my husband utterly absorbed in a cooking show (something he NEVER watches), and when I called his name, all he could manage was to whisper "It all looks so delicious!", never once taking his eyes off the screen. I know what he means, though - you feel like you can actually smell and taste the food that is seen on this set.

The set itself is really slim and the case is beautifully sleek. I understand you can hang the Laservue on the wall, but since I've never been one to want to hang my TV on the wall itself, that didn't matter one way or another.

I can understand how some people are frustrated, having thought that this technology would be more widely available from other manufacturers by now and therefore more cost-competitive. I can even understand how some people hear the words "rear projection" and scoff at the notion of a television that is a rear projection selling for over $5,000.00. But I can tell you from firsthand experience that this television is worth every dime of its current price, and the angry reviews are written by people who don't own one and probably have never even seen one. Take them with more than a grain of salt.

Could we have afforded this television at its current market price? Sadly, no. I do hope that Mitsubishi will expand production so that brick-and-mortar stores that want to sell them can have them on hand, and that they consider expanding the Laservue line to screen sizes both larger and smaller. If they did so, I can't help but think they would have a runaway success on their hands, especially if they could come down in price even a bit. I also hope that other maufacturers jump into this technology with both feet and give Mitsubishi a run for their money.

But make no mistake - this television is so good, it makes every known superlative adjective seem banal. Mitsubishi rightly provides a level of customer service for this incredibly expensive TV that one would expect, and after having dealt with them, I can vouch for their commitment to complete satisfaction for the customers who are willing to take the plunge and buy a Laservue. But at that price, they'd darn well BETTER, right?

Still, if you want the kind of television that makes people's jaws drop open when they come over and makes everyone in your family grin like a mindless fool every time they watch it, consider the Mitsubishi Laservue. You *won't* regret it.
4 Star Rating  "about the Mitsubishi LaserVue TV..." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
Mitsubishi should make a 42-inch LaserVue TV like this and sell it for $1000.00, then I might get one. : )
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