Timex Expedition WS4 Watch (Orange) # T49761
Timex Expedition WS4 Watch (Orange) # T49761

Timex Expedition WS4 Watch (Orange) # T49761



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  • No need to toggle through confusing menus, the widescreen display provides all relevant information on one screen
  • Highly accurate sensors ensure reliable data for Altimeter, Barometer, Temperature, and Compass
  • Leading edge design with advanced styling and functionality. Ensure your safety with easy to set Altitude alert
  • Easy to use 24-hour countdown timer with: countdown/stop (CS) and countdow/repeat (CR), 100 hour chronograph with lap and split option, Daily alarm settable for daily/weekday/weekend, Two time zone settings
Product Description
Anything is possible when you abandon convention. The Timex Expedition WS4 watch takes a fresh approach to wrist-top adventure instruments. The revolutionary wide-screen dashboard provides altitude, weather conditions and compass heading at a glance. Powered by our most advanced sensors and intuitive user-interface, you can start using your WS4 watch the moment it comes out of the box and rely on it in the most extreme conditions. Whether you're hitting the slopes, exploring the back country or challenging your coworkers to a race up the fire escape stairway, grab your WS4 watch and get ready to go out of bounds.
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Timex WS4 Orange Expedition WatchTimex WS4 Orange Expedition Watch
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Timex Expedition WS4 Watch (Orange) # T49761 Specs:
Product NameTimex Expedition WS4 Watch (Orange) # T49761
Product Number MPNT49761
Retail Price $199.99
Last Updated:28-May-2015
Deal first added on:5-September-2009


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Timex Expedition WS4 Watch (Orange) # T49761
4 Star Rating  "fantastic" 
- Reviewed By jojef
fandastic watch they have everithink i need its perfect for extreme spor or holidays i see wathter contisions all the times and its esy too use bravo timex
3 Star Rating  "Big Display? Not big enough for me" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
All the hype about the size of this guy had me interested but it's not big enough! I've got really bad near sightedness and need reading glasses over my contacts to see close-up. A big display would help but this one crams too much at once when what I could use would be a really BIG display of one function at a time. This of course is my problem and won't affect everyone else. It works well and functions well, tho the instructions ain't much help. I have a hard time believing that guy made it up Everest with this - the clasp pops open on its own with little encouragement. I've got a Casio Riseman and it's good but I'm still looking for a bigger view - Suunto anyone?
4 Star Rating  "Great, fun watch!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from New Jersey
I find this watch to do everything it claims, at least for me. (I restrict my pursuit of the 7 Summits to reading and documentaries). Though a little bulky, it is fairly light. The only negative I can think of is that the elastic band's adjustablility is limited for thin wrists.
All of the functions work well, and the compass, barometer and altimeter are quite consistent in their readings. So far my peak altitude has been 1148 feet...very depressing!
I highly recommend it!
5 Star Rating  "Watch Works Great!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I have been using the balck version of this WS4 watch in Denver, Colorado for a week now and have found the altimeter to be very accurate. I calibrated it at the mile high stairs on the capitol steps elevation marker for 5,280 feet, and drove to Estes Park. At the 2 mile high marker it was only off by 5 feet (should have read 10,560 feet but read 10,565 feet), drove to the gift shop close to 8,000 feet (can not remember the exact elevation) and it was only off by one foot at their elevation sign, and then drove back to the capitol steps in Denver where it was exactly where it should have been at 5,280 feet. Calibrate it on the day of your adventure like you are suppose to and it is very accurate and a pleasure to use.
4 Star Rating  "overall very good watch..." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Jacksonville, NC United States
overall i like the watch very much. the altimeter is accurate and the compass works great. the thermometer works well when you take it off (normal since the body temp affects the sensor). i like a big watch so this is perfect (initially i thought it might be too big even for my likes but i got used to it). my only complaint is that the excess watch band comes out of the plastic holder constantly. still would recommend it though for the price.
4 Star Rating  "Great watch for the common aviator" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Qatar
This watch is great for any pilot. The barometer, altitude, temp, and compass may be off but its just a guestemate. It gives you an idea of where you are at in these areas. Overall a great watch for the price.
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