Schwinn 420 BioDyne Elliptical Trainer (420A)
Schwinn 420 BioDyne Elliptical Trainer (420A)

Schwinn 420 BioDyne Elliptical Trainer (420A)



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  • 12 workout programs, including 6 course profiles, fitness test and custom workout
  • Integrated grip heart rate system for easy fitness monitoring
  • Ergonomic handles for multiple workout positions; natural-feeling 18-inch stride
  • 300-pound maximum user weight; 5-year warranty on frame, 1 year on parts and electronics
Product Description
The Schwinn® 420A elliptical is engineered with biomechanically designed linkages for a comfortable and natural elliptical path. BioDyne™ performance features a perimeter-weighted flywheel with high inertia for smooth, consistent workouts.

Editorial Review
Ideal for the home gym for fitness enthusiasts of any skill level, the Schwinn 420 provides an effective cardiovascular workout by combining upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one impact-free motion. Elliptical trainers emulate the natural motion of your foot while supporting your heel throughout the stride, making them much easier on your knees and joints. In addition to feeling more natural while working out, regular use on elliptical trainers will increase heart and lung capacity while improving your health (and burning calories at the same time).

The Schwinn 420 offers 16 computer-controlled resistance levels and 12 programs for workout variety, including six user-profile programs, one fitness test, and one custom workout. Its quick start functions allows you to easily change your resistance level while exercising to challenge yourself to the next level. It offers a natural-feeling 18-inch stride while the trainer's BioFit design will provide a comfortable feel on the footpads and handlebars. The handlebars also feature grip heart rate monitoring, which allows you to track your heart rate while you're exercising.

Features and Specifications:
  • Biomechanically designed linkages means a comfortable and natural elliptical path
  • Ergonomic handles for multiple workout positions; fixed and moving handlebars
  • Perimeter weighted flywheel with high inertia for smooth, consistent workouts
  • Oversized stabilizers and levelers that are built-in for a solid workout platform
  • 12 workout programs, including 6 course profiles, fitness test and custom workout
  • Integrated grip heart rate system for easy fitness monitoring
  • Water bottle holder
  • Magazine rack
  • Transport wheels
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Eddy Current Brake (ECB) resistance system
  • 18-inch stride length
  • Switchable from miles to kilometers (KM)
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds

Manufacturer's Warranty
5 years on the frame, 1 year on parts and electronics, 3 months on wear parts, 3 months on labor

The Schwinn 420 offers biomechanically designed linkages for a comfortable and natural feel.

See a larger version of the console.

Schwinn 420 Nautilus E514 Style Front Drive Dual Action Front Drive Dual Action Stride Length 18 inches 18 inches Motion Forward/
Resistance Magnetic ECB Magnetic ECB Resistance Levels 16 16 Dimensions (L x W x H) 152 pounds 172 pounds 221 pounds 275 pounds 300 pounds 300 pounds LCD Backlit LCD Touch screen, backlit LCD Speed, time, distance, RPM, watts, pulse, calories, interval time, resistance Speed, time, distance, RPM, watts, pulse, calories, interval, time, resistance Speed, time, distance, RPM, watts, pulse, calories, interval time, resistance, course profile Grip Grip Chest strap with telemetry; grip on handlebars 1 manual, 6 profile, 1 calorie goal, results mode, BMI test 1 manual, 10 profile, 2 heart rate control, 2 custom, time trial, calorie goal, fitness test, BMI test, recovery mode, results, mode 1 manual, 11 profile, 2 custom for two users Frame--15 years, parts--2 years, electronics--1 year, labor--90 days Frame--15 years, parts--2 years, electronics--1 year, labor--6 months Frame--10 years, parts--2 years, electronics--1 year, wear parts--90 days Transport wheels, water bottle holder Transport wheels, water bottle holder, 3-speed fan, MP3/iPod holder Transport wheels, fixed and moving handlebars, articulating foot plates, cooling fan, water bottle holder
About Elliptical Trainers
Elliptical trainers represent the next wave of advancement in low-impact cardiovascular exercise machines and continue to grow in popularity. By simulating motions experienced through walking, stepping, cycling, and skiing, elliptical machines allow for a smooth and fluid motion while building strength in the arms and legs. Similar to the exercise position for treadmills, elliptical trainers are used by standing in an upright position while holding the handrails of the machine. With elliptical trainers, however, your feet remain in the foot pedals throughout the exercise regimen and circulate in a smooth and seamless motion, resulting in little to no impact on the knees, back, and hips.

Elliptical trainers are compatible for all ages and fitness levels and allow you to select the difficulty level through the incline and intensity settings. Additionally, elliptical trainers allow you to determine the complexity of your workout based on your needs, all while listening to music, watching television, or reading a magazine while exercising in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Although different types of elliptical trainers offer an assortment of features, many of them include an array of challenging programs, forward and reverse directional movement, EKG grip pulse handles, a lightweight portable design with easy fold-up capability, and a monitor displaying calories burned, distance, speed, time, and heart rate. Other types of exercise machines, namely treadmills and bikes, offer excellent cardiovascular exercise and muscular training for the legs in a forward-motion exercise. Elliptical trainers take this to the next level by offering an upper and lower body workout with dual motion, challenging and diverse programs, and a low-impact exercise machine that won't strain sensitive joints.

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Schwinn 420 BioDyne Elliptical Trainer (420A) Specs:
Product NameSchwinn 420 BioDyne Elliptical Trainer (420A)
Product Number MPN100160
Retail Price $799.99
Last Updated:26-November-2014
Deal first added on:4-January-2010


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Schwinn 420 BioDyne Elliptical Trainer (420A)
5 Star Rating  "Excellent value for money" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Running Springs, CA
I bought this because I'm so impressed with my Schwinn recumbent exercise bike. I had hoped the elliptical was designed and built as well as the bike and I was right.

The elliptical is even heavier than the bike - almost 200lbs when delivered to your door. When you open it up it resembles a huge 3D jigsaw puzzle with the flywheel assembly in the middle and all the arms, rods, runners, etc packed around with lots of styrofoam and tape. Here's some advice, prepare the area with a rug/mat (because it will get marks on your carpet or floor) and assembly it where you will use it. If necessary move the parts individually from where the delivery man dropped it to where you will use it. When assembled it will still weigh about 175lbs and it's really awkward to move.

Now get out your reading glasses and follow the instructions carefully. The parts are all packaged in their own plastic bags and the small parts are vacuum sealed to cardboard - a knife is handy at this stage. DO NOT lose any washers or small parts, there are no spares.

All the parts are heavy and well made. Where many manufacturers would use two bolts Schwinn has used four. All the holes line up perfectly although a couple of the steps are a bit fiddly. Note - I suggest you test the electronics as soon as you have the console installed. Just plug the power supply in and make sure the console activates. You will need a hammer or mallet to get the four end caps on the arm assembly.

It took one person almost two hours to complete assembly. Although there is a grab handle at the back and small wheels at the front you should be aware that the machine will mark your floor if you move it this way. Another reason for assembling it at its final location.

Two last things. There is a mount point for a water bottle cage (not included). Unlike the bike there do not appear to be any bolts so be sure they are included when you buy the bottle cage. Lastly, put a little grease or oil on the tracks or it'll squeak like crazy!
1 Star Rating  "Product Issues on Arrival" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Plano, Texas
So the Elliptical machine shows up. It looks well built. It looks like a great machine for the price. So we put it together while my 10 year old and her friend destroy the packaging. Everything fits together easily and well .. UNTIL it is time to connect the cable to the console. The connection is a basic computer-cable connection. It shouldn't be a big deal .. EXCEPT they don't fit. The cable is not compatible with the console. Suddenly, this has become painful.

So .. I contacted Schwinn which is serviced by Nautilus. Some phone tag events, lots of emails, lots of photos .. We will see ...

So far it is feeling painful.

.. 5 days later ...

5 days of photos and proof of purchase SNAFUs, etc ..

Nautilus phone people have great voices. They sound concerned. They confirmed today that replacement parts were ordered. They expect those parts to show up in LATE DECEMBER. The machine showed up on October 8. Do the math!! Argh!!!

I talked to Amazon about simply returning it. They encouraged me to deal with nautilus. I am now getting ready to call Amazon back .. again.
4 Star Rating  "Love it so far =)" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This is a great machine -- the only drawback is we use it in our basement which has a low ceiling. We had to fashion a piece of the drop ceiling a bit higher so that my husband can use it comfortably. I am 5 5 and have no issues with it.
5 Star Rating  "Great elliptical, great price" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Hampton Roads, VA USA
Well balanced, small footprint, very quiet, has all the features I expected to not have available unless I spent much more
5 Star Rating  "Schwinn 420 Elliptical - Great Home Exercise Device" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from olympia, WA
Purchase the 420 for my wife. Want something that had reasonably small footprint, operated smoothly, was not complex to use, and was quite. This machine does all of those things very well. We had a "body by Jake" elliptical year ago and my wife wore it out. She really enjoyed it because it did the same things well. The 420 is hands down twice as good. I have used it a couple of times and really like it as well. I generally don't like ellipticals because their pedal spacing is too wide for me and cause me hip pain. The 420 has a narrower pedal spacing and work very well for me. I am a runner and I can see this machine serve me very well during the winter months.

Bottom line: A very good value.

5 Star Rating  "An Excellent Value for the Price" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This review is based on having ordered the machine, taken delivery, put it together, and used it about half a dozen times.

I had the advantage of having browsed through the hundreds of reviews on this site of the predecessor 430 machine, as well as the fewer number there for this product. Because of that, I was aware of some of the assembly problems that others had encountered, especially on the 430, and some other things to be alert for, which probably helped.

Ordering was smooth (usual Amazon routine) and the delivery was timely and efficient. Delivery was to my home, whereas the machine was intended for my cabin, so the delivery guy slid it into the back of my SUV for me.

The box is very heavy (nearly 170 lbs), and the intended location was in an upstairs room. I didn't have anyone available at my cabin to assist, but was able to slide it out of my SUV so that it was standing on end on the front deck and then "walk" it through the door by rotating it back and forth on the two short edges of the end. Once inside, I laid it flat, opened and unpacked it. (It was very well packaged, with everything sealed in plastic and packed in styrofoam.) I then carried the pieces upstairs individually or in small groupings. The heaviest piece was the flywheel assembly (about 45 pounds), which was manageable.

I assembled it by myself in a little over two hours, using my own tools. In a pinch, you could probably make do with the tools that come with it, although it would likely take somewhat longer. The assembly instructions are OK. I prefer written ones, which tend to be more specific, whereas these ones are primarily illustrations. But, that's probably the most efficient and economical way for manufacturers to deal with today's multi-lingual requirements. The parts list is very comprehensive and complete. I ended up with a few parts left over which didn't appear to be covered in the instructions or parts list, which made me think the machine might be produced on some sort of common assembly line with another type for which parts were inadvertently included. But, everything that I actually needed seemed to be there.

As far as actual use, I've used it about half a dozen times and am quite satisfied with it so far.

Compared to commercial grade machines or more expensive home machines, it lacks a few "nice touches", but nothing essential for me. For example, as others have noted, the screen isn't backlit and it doesn't have a built-in fan, but I can get by without either of those.

It's pretty compact (although you do stand pretty high on it), so the stride length and arm "throw" length are a little shorter than on some machines. I'm 6'0" and they're pretty much at the limit for me, so it might be a problem for a taller guy. I also have to hold the handles by the tops of the knobs, rather than a little further down as on machines with longer handles, which I find to be somewhat less comfortable and "natural", but I can live with it.

Lack of a bottle holder would have been somewhat annoying, as some have noted, but there's a place for one, and I had one from an old machine which I was able to install.

Some have found the heart rate monitor to be somewhat slow and sluggish, but I find it to be about on a par with other home machines I've had. I've found the calories generated at the maximum resistance setting over a given time interval to be noticably less than on commercial machines (about one-quarter as many) or more expensive home machines (about one-third as many), but comparable to those of similar home machines that fall short overall in other respects compared to this one.

It's also very smooth and quiet and "solid" feeling for a machine in this price range. It has just recently (the last time or two) started to exhibit a slight but noticeable "click" on each rotation that I think might be coming from the left wheel track (although not sure yet), which I will investigate further, but nothing unusual for this type of machine. I usually watch DVDs when I use it, and, at least so far, it's barely audible over those.

All in all, a very good value for the price, hence the five stars notwithstanding a few minor irritants. I'm quite satisfied with it, and definitely glad I bought it.

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