Hoover U5509-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum
Hoover U5509-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright

Hoover U5509-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum



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  • Automatic Cord Rewind With Long 24
  • Lifetime HEPA Filter Traps 100Of Common Allergens
  • Powerful 12 Amp Motor For Excellent Cleaning Performance
  • Wide 14.5" Cleaning Path For Faster Cleaning
Product Description
The bagless Hoover Elite Rewind features an easy-to-empty bottom release dirt cup and a retractable 24-foot cord. It sports a lifetime HEPA filter that you'll never have to replace. It's powered by a 12-amp motor and includes a a pet hair tool that easily removes pet hair and dirt from stairs and upholstery. It also has a wide cleaning path for faster cleaning, an air-flow performance indicator, and a bright headlight.
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HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Filter for Hoover Fusion U5509-900 6-Pack
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Hoover U5509-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Specs:
Product NameHoover U5509-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum
Product Number MPNU5509900
Retail Price $139.00
Last Updated:19-April-2015
Deal first added on:5-May-2010


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Hoover U5509-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum
4 Star Rating  "greay buy !!!!!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
this is an awesome vacuum, i love all of the features but my favorite is the cord that winds up on its own..it really is amazing and quick...i never realized how much i hated rolling up a vacuum cord...i will say though that its not that great on hardwood floors and the attachement hose is way to short.
5 Star Rating  "Excellent vacuum!!!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Virginia Beach, VA USA
I bought this vacuum to replace a somewhat broken one and it works so well I am glad the old one was dying! What a treat to get such good suction and great cleaning tools for such a reasonable price. I am very pleased with the quality and would recommend it everyone! I have birds which are horribly messy and have free run of our house, so a decent vacuum is a necessity. I had vacuumed with my old one the day before I received this one and when I tried this one on a seemingly clean living/dining/hallway carpet I was shocked to pick up a whole basket of seeds, dirt and lint etc! Very easy to empty also, and wonderful not to have to deal with messy bags. Great value!
5 Star Rating  "LOVE this vacuum!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Albany, NY, USA
This vacuum was given to me as a housewarming gift. I already had a vacuum that worked "just fine" and didn't feel as if I needed another. Boy, was I wrong!

I had already vacuumed on the day this Hoover arrived but decided to give it a spin anyway. Holy. Cow. My house was FILTHY and I didn't even know it! I've had the vacuum for about three months now and have put it through a gauntlet of cleaning. I own three pets, two cats and a dog, and have to clean everyday to control the fur and random toy stuffing (the dog is still very much in puppy mode) but it still works just as well as the day it arrived. I've also yet to have the problem of hair/fur wrapping itself around the brush and having to be cut away, which was my biggest gripe with my old vacuum.

As far as features, this vacuum is all about the little things. It's incredibly intuitive and easy to operate. The power and tilt buttons are where you think they would be. There's a large twist button on the front to adjust the height from hard floors (goodbye, broom!) to plush carpets. The accessories, a nozzle for walls and corners and a smaller brush for furniture, both store on the machine so you never have to look for them. The hose also has a handle, which is one of those features you'd never think about needing but really find useful. The cord rewinder is also an awesome feature.

My favorite feature, though, has to be the canister. While it may be a bit smaller so you have to empty it more often, it's SUPER easy and mess free. Simply push a button above it, carry it by it's handle to the trash, push another button and the bottom pops off and dumps the contents -- no hoisting around a huge machine, no shaking and sending dust everywhere, no having to stick your hand in it to dig out clogs, just pure gravity is all it needs. Close the bottom, snap it back in place, and you're ready to go again.

The only drawbacks are cord and hose length. I live in an older house without many outlets, so sometimes I have to get a bit creative with the cord and just how to vacuum particular corners. The hose is short and super stretchy but combined with the machine being lightweight, it has a tendency to flip over when you're using the hose. It's not really a big deal for me, as all of the contents stay put, but when vacuuming a king bed or stairs it can be annoying.

All in all, I absolutely love this machine and am super happy with it! Vacuuming went from being a chore to something that I don't mind (I don't think I can ever say I enjoy vacuuming) and, best of all, my boyfriend actually volunteers to vacuum now!
4 Star Rating  "Great vacuum" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
The Hoover Elite Rewind Bagless vacuum is a winner. Great vacuum, great price on Amazon. Love the rewind feature..no more winding cords, only to have them come undone. Good suction and no more bags to buy. If you place the dirt cup in the bottom of your trash bag there is no mess. Love this vacuum.
5 Star Rating  "Taken care of properly- Its fantastic." 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Arizona
I've had this vacuum for about 2 years. I have 4 kids under 10, so we use it often. It has amazingly good suction. It works very well for just about anything except on a hard floor. Don't bother with trying it on a hard floor, it just blows the junk on the floor all over. Actually, I think it is the brush that does that.
If one is going to buy this vacuum they have to keep a few things in mind. First, it is mostly plastic parts. You must be careful with it or parts will break. So far, I've been careful and nothing has broken. Second, A great thing about it is that you never have to buy filters or bags for this vacuum. That was a big selling point for me. The drawback is that you have to maintain only one of the two filters it has. They provide you with a brush to clean it, but I've found better ways to clean it. If properly clean this first filter, this vacuum will have fantastic suction all the time. The first filter is located at the top of the inside of the waste canister. Just pop out the canister, empty its contents into a waste can (do this outside your home or in a garage because of the dust). Then twist the top off the canister. A yellow plastic part with holes all over it will be on the top. Twist it off and inside is the first filter. It is a cylinder shape. Use the brush to swipe through all the folds in the filter. Dust and junk will come out. Then (here is the important part) find a place outside on concrete, turn the filter on its side and tap it quickly on the concrete as you slowly rotate it. A pile of dust from the filter will pile up on the ground as you tap and rotate. Eventually hardly any dust will be coming out as you tap. The filter is now ready to be put back in and give you great suction. You should clean the yellow part that holds the filter to the canister handle. You can do that with a water hose, or in your sink. Then just put it all back together and its is ready to go. Like I said, I like not having to buy filters and bags. If money is not an issue to you and you don't like cleaning things, then don't buy this vacuum.
The second filter is the hepa filter. It is located in the big round air exhaust opposite the cord rewind mechanism. You don't need to bother with this filter. I tried to clean it once after about a year, but realized that it wasn't even dirty. The first filter does a great job at catching everything.
I did have to replace the brush belt a few months ago. I bought a pack of two belts when I bought the vacuum. This is a normal part to wear out. Almost any vacuum you buy will have a brush belt that will eventually have to be replaced.
I've read many of the bad reviews on this vacuum. Two things come to mind when I read them. There are probably some that don't properly take care of the first filter, thereby loosing suction and eventually the motor burns out because it is working to hard to overcome it. And as with any product, there are going to be a few vacuums that are defective from the factory. A few people don't have a good experience with the product because of that, and they write a terrible review. The majority of the vacuums though will be properly working ones. I highly recommend this one.
4 Star Rating  "Does the job right" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I bought this after reading some reviews on Amazon. I've only got an 850 sq ft carpeted apartment, and this thing sucked up everything. I was amazed how much dirt it could grab. The hose worked great at getting the quarter-inch of carpet against the walls and I used the mini vacuum head on the couches. Now, i did have to walk it slowly to make sure it gets everything - it's not a Dyson - but if you can take the extra 5 minutes to make sure you backtrack you'll be amazed how much this vacuum pulls up.

Clean up was a breeze and the extension cord auto-coil worked great.
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