Rat Zapper Ultra Infrared System by Argi Zap (RZUIR1)
Rat Zapper Ultra Infrared System by Argi Zap

Rat Zapper Ultra Infrared System by Argi Zap (RZUIR1)

Agri Zap


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  • Perfect for larger rats (and mice too!), ongoing rodent infestations and commercial applications
  • Bait with ordinary pet food
  • No blood, no gore, no mess, and no poisons to endanger your pets or the environment
  • Flashing kill light tells you when you have a catch; simply tip the Rat Zapper and let the dead rodent slide into the trash can
  • Approximately 30 kills with one set of 4 alkaline "D" Cell batteries (not included)
Product Description
The new, larger Rat Zapper Ultra offers you more kills and longer stand-by times. Perfect for larger rats (and mice too!), ongoing rodent infestations and commercial applications. Larger chamber than the Rat Zapper Classic. Bait with ordinary pet food. Mice and rats enter the chamber and are dispatched with a quick but powerful jolt of electricity. If they'll fit in the chamber, Rat Zapper will dispatch them! No blood, no gore, no mess, and no poisons to endanger your pets or the environment. Flashing kill light tells you when you have a catch; simply tip the Rat Zapper and let the dead rodent slide into the trash can. Dimensions: approximately 4" x 4-3/4" X 11-1/2". Approximately 30 kills with one set of 4 alkaline "D" Cell batteries. Easy to use, and reusable. Not an ultrasonic device. Optional remote monitoring with the Rat Zapper Rat Tale. Can be combined with other units as part of the Rat Zapper Battle Station.
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Agri Zap RZU001 Rat Zapper Ultra Mice Mouse Rodent Trap Killer NEW!
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Rat Zapper Ultra Infrared System by Argi Zap (RZUIR1) Specs:
Product NameRat Zapper Ultra Infrared System by Argi Zap (RZUIR1)
ManufacturerAgri Zap
Product Number MPNAZIRZUIR1
Retail Price $61.99
Last Updated:31-March-2015
Deal first added on:28-September-2010


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Latest 6 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the Rat Zapper Ultra Infrared System by Argi Zap (RZUIR1)
5 Star Rating  "Rat Zapper (Infrared)" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from SE Kansas
I am giving the Rat Zapper (Infrared Model) a conditional five star rating but with reservation - which I will explain below... I purchased the Rat Zapper (along with the Rat Tale) a few months ago to use indoors because we had seen a mouse in the house and past poor experiences with conventional mouse traps. After receiving it, I baited it with cashews and turned it on. (I had rinsed the salt off of the cashews and let them dry prior to putting them in the zapper.) The Zapper worked well as we soon caught the mouse. I left it baited and turned on for a few more weeks but caught no additional mice so I turned it off during the summer. Recently we noticed another mouse so I baited, set and turned the Rat Zapper on again. Within 3 minutes we heard the zapper zap, checked it and sure enough it had a dead mouse in it. I dumped the mouse and turned the trap back on. The next day - another dead mouse. In the following few days it zapped 2 more mice. Finally one day I smelled something so not pleasant. I wondered if it could be a dead mouse in the zapper. I checked and sure enough there was a dead (and obviously decomposing) mouse in it but the red eyes of the Rat Tale were not flashing. I presumed the batteries had died. I soon bought more batteries for it but before installing them I checked by just turning the zapper on again and from that, it appears that the batteries are still good but I'm not positive about that. Rather than installing the new batteries and tossing out the old (and possibly still good) ones I found the website of the Rat Zapper manufacturer and last night I wrote an email to them explaining the problem of the lights not flashing after it had a dead mouse in it and asked for their guidance and asking if the zapper could be malfunctioning or if in fact the batteries could be too weak for it to operate properly. Well it's nearly 24 hours later and I've yet to receive a reply to my email. I suppose today being Columbus Day it's possible that the business was not open. Plus it's possible they require more than 1 day to reply to email questions. The conditional 5 star rating I have initially given the Rat Zapper is based on our experience thus far. It has worked well during the limited amount of time it has been in use - with the exception of our most recent experience with it when it zapped a mouse but the flashing lights failed to activate to notify us of a dead mouse in the trap. Depending on whether the aforementioned light flashing failure is a defect of this device or a battery problem, and depending on what the manufacturer may do to help alleviate any such defect or replace the Rat Zapper in the case of a malfunction or failure, my future follow-up to this rating and review will reflect any change in my opinion.

The one con about this Rat Zapper that I can report about to date is that there is no easy way to clean the chamber where the mouse/rat is zapped and ultimately remains until removed by the owner. It would have been a really nice feature if the bottom was removable for easy cleaning or had a removable tray or something to make it easier to clean. I will follow-up on my report of this zapper.

Tom (tomcatN)
5 Star Rating  "I love this Mouse Trap!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I absolutely love this trap! I have to admit that when I placed the trap in the living room last night & my daughter commented that the mouse just ran past it I was a bit skeptical, but when I changed the bait from the dog treats I bought to a peanut butter cracker & relocated it to the kitchen, I caught the little critter within 3 hours of setting it!

Clean up is so easy! I just tilt the Zapper over a plastic bag & watch the dead rodent fall right in without the squeamish thought of trying to sweep that glue trap onto a dustpan to discard which I've done in the past or trying to locate the dead rodent via the odor around the house after they've eaten the poison that I left in various locations of the house.

I cannot thank this company enough for this great invention.
5 Star Rating  "Excellent Device (I have an older one)" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I had an unused Rat Zapper (older silver D model) I bought a year or so ago just in case. Well the time came to do battle. While away I had some mice set up shop in my house. The war has been going on for a little while now. The zapper is now up to 7 kills. One evening I saw a mouse scurry behind some furniture. I put the zapper down in the path it came from and flushed the mouse from where it was. Th emouse made the return trip at full speed and sought shelter....dzzzzt. One dead mouse. Over one weekend when I wasn't home I got a two-fer. I came home to the blinking light and found two mice it it. My hearing has got tuned into the noise it makes so I have twice been awakened to the sound when it zaps a mouse.
5 Star Rating  "This one's a keeper!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Kingston, Jamaica
Have this for about a year now. It has killed many a rat. Where I am the rats can grow big enough to still have their hind legs sticking out of this trap, and their heads on the sensor plate. For those you have to change out the D-Cell batteries every three months, as the instructions say, or they'll leave with the bait; because rats can sit on their buttocks and reach for the bait (very light contact with the electric plate/sensor).
5 Star Rating  "It is all about the bait" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
One of our barns had become home to a rat, the evidence was in the droppings I would find. This was especially worrying as it appeared to have used the insulation I put in our well house room as its home. Droppings had fallen on top of the water softener tank. Had I not noticed them they could easily have fallen in to the brine tank when I topped up the salt pellets. That could have introduced potentially hazardous water to our family home.
I set the trap about 6 weeks ago and had no success. The user manual suggested I used dried nuts as bait.
Last week the wife made a delicious peach pie using fruit from this years peach harvest. I decided to take a small piece of the pie crust with a little peach filling on it and replace the nuts with it.
The very next day my unwelcome guest met his demise.
I had placed the trap up high in the barn, on one of the main beams that runs the length of one of the walls. I'd seen the furry squatter use this beam as a way to traverse the barn out of harms reach. Checking the trap at night with the barn lights off means the flashing "rat zapped" light reflects on the roof of the barn and saved me having to disturb it.
It definitely does its job. The only thing I can add is to chose your bait wisely. Some items obviously work better than others.
The kill is quick, clean, and humane. The rat will not die slowly from poisoning, or in agony with a limb trapped in a manual trap.The potential for introducing disease in to my families home, gnawing on electrical cables in the barn, and other acts of damage, meant we had to get rid of this little guy. Trapping and releasing him was not an option, he would just breed and add to the population. A quick kill solved the problem.
The zapper is back in place right now, ready for the next unwelcome guest.
2 Star Rating  "NO RATS YET!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I know this has worked for other people, but so far the only thing I have "caught" is my cat, a snail and a skunk. I am trying to address a rat population in my yard (they have defoliated 2 jasmines and are working on my lemon tree). I used cat food for the bait, but the cat went after it, flipping it over. Putting a couple of slate tiles around it secured it. I was very excited the first time I saw the light flashing that I had a rat, but only found a dead snail. Problem was I could not reset the unit - red light kept flashing. Finally did extensive cleaning including soaking it in a pan as described in the directions and did get it to re-set to the green light. Then a skunk sprayed after sticking his paw in after the "bait" and I expect got shocked. It sounded like a great idea, but may be best in an interior setting (video reviews showed it working in a basement). I am going to try it one more time. It functions and I have used it so I can't send it back, but it has not been the solution for my yard.
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