LGMedSupply LG-7000 Digital TENS Unit with 5 Treatment Modes
LGMedSupply LG-7000 Digital TENS Unit

LGMedSupply LG-7000 Digital TENS Unit with 5 Treatment Modes



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  • 5 mode tens unit digital lcd
  • Adjustable intensity, pulse width, and pulse rate customizable
  • Carrying case, electrodes, lead wires and battery
  • 5 year warranty direct from lgmedsupply - complete and ready for use
Product Description
The lg-7000 professional digital tens unit is a great way to relieve your pain quickly and effectively. the lg-7000 tens unit sends an electrical signal that overrides the pain receptor leading to immediate pain relief.the lg-7000 professional tens unit is simple and easy to use. four electrode pads are placed near or around the areas in pain. because it is dual channel, you can use 2 or all 4 electrode pads at the same time. you control the pulse width, pulse rate, and intensity and in just 20 minutes per day you will experience dramatic pain relief! whether you have back pain, foot pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, or any other pain in the body, this tens unit will provide you with exceptional pain relief. if you have never used a tens unit, this small battery operated device may just be the perfect solution that you are looking for. the professional lg-7000 tens unit cames with a satisfaction guarantee and 2 year warranty. the lg-7000 professional digital tens unit pain relief system includes 1 professional lg-7000 digital tens unit, hard protective carrying case, 2 pair of 40 inch lead wires, battery, instruction manual, satisfaction guarantee.
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LGMedSupply LG-7000 Digital TENS Unit with 5 Treatment Modes Specs:
Product NameLGMedSupply LG-7000 Digital TENS Unit with 5 Treatment Modes
Product Number MPNLG-7000P
Retail Price $349.99
Last Updated:28-July-2015
Deal first added on:14-October-2010


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Latest 5 Reviews
Here is what people are saying about the LGMedSupply LG-7000 Digital TENS Unit with 5 Treatment Modes
2 Star Rating  "NOT HAPPY" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I am a long term customer of Amazon and typically don't have any issues. Over the last several orders with them there have been issues to include the fact that they ADVERTISED a LGMedSupply LG-7000 digital Tens Unit. I had read the reviews and despite seeing the complaints about being sent an inferior product that is no where near the value of the LG Brand, I ordered it giving the benefit of the doubt. When I recieved the item and opened it THIS WAS NOT WHAT WAS ADVERTISED NOR ORDERED. I was given the cheaper Tens 7000 manufactured by Koalaty Products Inc. The Koalaty unit is not as good as the LG 7000. EXTREMELY dissapointed that Amazon has allowed a False advertising statement to be diplayed not only on their site but on google sites for searching for a LG7000 Tens unit. The price paid was not the DEAL stated, as you can buy for $35.00- $40.00 just about anywhere. The MSRP is only $64.64 not $349.99 (that is te MSRP for LG7000). Shame on you Amazon...take a look at my order history and you will see I was a very happy and frequent customer. Not so happy now and I dont want to hassle with returning ANOTHER item.
4 Star Rating  "LGMed Supply LG-7000 TENS UNIT" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I purchased the TENS unit just days before leaving for trip. My sciatic nerve hip pain was unbearable. I wore this day and night. I used it at 20 minute intervals whenever possible. It really helped a great deal. I did lots of walking for which I regret but the TENS enabled me to complete the trip.
5 Star Rating  "great product" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
I bought this for my husband who has a bad back. He had surgery years ago and had this for his back. He had to give it back to the Dr so when I saw this I ordered it. It has done wonders for his back. He hasn't been complaining as much! Buy xtra pads you will need them.
1 Star Rating  "NOT A LG 7000" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
Retail Price: $69.95
TEENS 7000 NOT LG I BLAME AMAZON THIS IS TENS 7000 THEY KNOW IT SHAME ON YOU Again im one of the other people that got a bait and switch

Pro Therapy Supplies
5 Star Rating  "Fabulous Buy" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User
This TENS is as effective as one I previously obtained via physicians office only MUCH MUCH cheaper. I had a $200.00 copay on my previous TENS. This one works great and is easy to use. The case is not as nice, but who cares? I don't keep mine in the case, I use it!!!!!! LOVE IT. Be sure and purchase additional pads. Only comes with one set of 4.
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