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At Electronica Direct you'll find the latest, top of the line, computer hardware, electronics, software, and household products, at our famously low prices!

Electronica Direct has been selling online since the early 1990's and already has over 2 million satisfied customers to our credit!  We are completely committed to excellence in both product quality and customer service. We offer a generous 30 day money back guarantee (with no restocking fee) on most of our products.  We are committed to doing all it takes to keep you a satisfied customer!

As an Electronica Direct valued customer, you can confidently place your order secure in the knowledge that it will be delivered on time and complete. All of our products are accompanied by the full manufacturers' US warranty and include all of the accessories that come standard in the full retail package.

Electronica Direct is open for online business 24 hours a day.  Our friendly online customer service department is available to answer your questions about our products, assist you with returns, and will provide you with tracking information as well.

We will continue on our quest for perfection, to make Electronica Direct your first choice for superior products, at the lowest prices, provided with the finest customer service.

We appreciate your business!

20 Most Recent Reviews:
5   - by Amazon User
This unit is small and the antenna is set up well and easy to use.
5   - by Amazon User
On time delivery, great price, excellent product...very satisfied!
4   - by Amazon User
Only minor issue was that a little bit of plastic from the case was broken, but that could have happened in shipping and it's not too big of a deal. Plus for the price I got it at, I'm not complaining.
5   - by Amazon User
Very quick delivery!
5   - by Amazon User
5   - by Amazon User
Arrived on time and in great condition.
5   - by Amazon User
Excellent quality ! Buy it if you still have a G wifi !
5   - by Amazon User
Very good item !
5   - by Amazon User
thank you very much it came in perfect shapre and right on time
1   - by Amazon User
the game didnt come in perfect form you delayed shipping the game for more than 20 days and when asked what do i want either to wait or cancel i replied with a cancel and you ignored and shipped the order worst seller i ever dealed with in amazon "very bad for you reputation Amazon"
5   - by Amazon User
Very satisfied with this seller.
4   - by Amazon User
5   - by Amazon User
fast shipping
5   - by Amazon User
Would buy from this seller again.
5   - by Amazon User
works very well
5   - by Amazon User
Great product!!
5   - by Amazon User
Item as described
5   - by Amazon User
This the third jawbone I have purchased from this company. I think that about says it all
5   - by Amazon User
product arrived in excellent condition. purchased the special edition with the holographic front DVD cover and the cover was in great shape with no scratches or cuts on the cover.
5   - by Amazon User
Brand new, just as described. Delivery prompt and on time as expected. 5/5
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