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20 Most Recent Reviews:
5   - by Amazon User2012-01-14
Love it! Love it! My 4 year old is having a blast with this. Thanks for the great product at a great price. Arrived when we were told it would be here - in time for the holidays. Was not disappointed. Thank you
5   - by C. Estes2012-01-14
Nicely made, does not leak moisture, and temp about 81 constant, not bad.
5   - by Amazon User2012-01-14
totally satisfied
5   - by Amazon User2012-01-14
all went as expected.
5   - by pj-7272012-01-14
Item was delivered fast and as described.
5   - by Amazon User2011-12-15
Good seller
5   - by Amazon User2011-12-15
5   - by Amazon User2011-12-15
Quick delivery, product was as described. Would do business again.
5   - by Amazon User2011-12-15
Terrific product--crisp, clear recording. Super-fast delivery. Most excellent experience; would definitely use them again.
5   - by Amazon User2011-12-15
Camera case arrived in condition specified (new and in plastic wrapping). Fast shipping.
5   - by Amazon User2011-11-19
Item perfect, arrive early than expected.
5   - by Amazon User2011-11-19
Excellent. Fast delivery. Product as described. Definately will do bussiness with them again.
5   - by Amazon User2011-11-19
Outstanding Seller A
4   - by Amazon User2011-11-19
Good tool, the photo with the carver and apple is a little bit misleading, as either the apples on the photo are very small or it is a different carver.
5   - by Amazon User2011-11-19
arrived very quickly and in perfect quality
5   - by Amazon User2011-11-01
5   - by Amazon User2011-11-01
Great Price. Delivery was fast. Will order again.
5   - by Amazon User2011-11-01
thank you
5   - by -A.L.2011-11-01
Item arrived on time in good condition as described. Highly recommended.
5   - by Amazon User2011-11-01
ok transaction
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