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20 Most Recent Reviews:
1 "wireless network dvr security cameras"   - by Lee Jackson2012-06-19
On 1/17/12 i ordered a wireless security system from sears and was shipped from action packaged, I was told by action packaged that they out of stock and was expecting delivery in Feb. I got the deliver on 2/21/12, after installing the product it was found to be defective and it was returned to action packaged for replacement. The replacement came in April it had been used with scratches on camera body and finger prints on lense cover. After installing system two of the cameras were very dark even with the sun out, i tried all of the settings to no avail. I contacted action packaged and asked for RMA to return it to them, the answer was NO the 10 day try out had expired so i'm stuck with two working and two not working. Each time i tried to send e-mail it would come back undeliverable some time it would go, Ieven tried to send a video of my problems and it would come back.I will never set foot or order anything from sears again and you can take that to the bank............
1 "Unsatisfactory service"   - by Panaxis2011-12-14
Ordered item through Sears on-line store. But order was shipped by Action Packaged to the wrong address. When package was not received I checked with Sears. Tracking showed the Package was returned by the post office. After several emails with Sears to no avail I canceled the order and asked for a refund. Several weeks later Action Packaged credited by account but deducted shipping and a 15% restocking fee from the refund. Even though the order was canceled Action Packaged sent the order again this time by UPS. For fear of being charged again I refused the package. It took 5 weeks from the day of my original order to get results. Action Packaged could not explain the shorted refund or the second shipment. They did not answer emails after that. Sears executive customer service made up the shortfall on the refund with a gift certificate.
5   - by Amazon User2011-01-10
Easy transaction, exactly as promised.
5   - by Amazon User2011-01-08
Arrived when promised. If future purchases are needed I have no doubt that I would use this same seller.
5   - by Amazon User2011-01-06
very good, no problems
5   - by Amazon User2011-01-06
Excellent transaction with a fast turnaround.
2   - by M. Crosby2011-01-05
My item did not arrive anywhere near on time. I should get a refund on my extra shipping cost.
5   - by Charles E. Jackson2011-01-05
Item arrived on time and is excellent condition.
5   - by spectrosstore2011-01-03
Great experience, no problems.
5   - by Amazon User2011-01-03
Exactly what I wanted!
5   - by Amazon User2011-01-03
All went as planned. Thank you.
5   - by Amazon User2011-01-01
Arrived promptly in excellent condition-thank you!
5   - by Amazon User2010-12-31
Item arrived quickly and as described!
5   - by Amazon User2010-12-31
Humane Mousetraps arrived quickly so I could put them to immediate use.
5   - by Bradley2010-12-30
Item is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!
5   - by Some guy from VA2010-12-30
Prompt service, item as described.
5   - by jmbroyer2010-12-29
good service, will buy again
5   - by Amazon User2010-12-28
Love the product. It shipped and arrived on time.
4   - by Amazon User2010-12-26
Firstly I would like to say that the item in question arrived before Christmas so there was no disappointment. However, I had to chase a few times. The first delivery never made it but they resent a new package after a few emails. The service was courteous just not as prompt as I would have liked.
5   - by Amazon User2010-12-26
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