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20 Most Recent Reviews:
5   - by Amazon User
As described, on time.
5   - by Amazon User
5   - by Amazon User
Great seller
3   - by Amazon User
Item took too long to get here( 2 weeks) so I had to get it elsewhere.
5   - by Amazon User
After ordering, was promptly emailed by seller that the item had sold out - was told sometimes takes awhile to show up on Amazon listings. They said they had tried to obtain item for me from other sources but were unsuccessful. Their prompt and honest response and attempt to serve me appreciated. With the millions of Amazon customers, I am amazed sell outs do not occur more often!
4   - by Amazon User
Item was never delivered. Refund was given promptly, due to no books being available.
5   - by lisamdressel
I highly recommend this seller! Very fast shipping, excellent transaction!
5   - by Amazon User
Fast, efficent and courteous!
5   - by Amazon User
Great service! Fast shipping and prompt email responses. Thank you so much!
5   - by Amazon User
Item was well packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Very happy with shopping experience.
4   - by Amazon User
The book arrived as scheduled and in the described condition
5   - by Amazon User
Fast and as ordered.
5   - by Amazon User
On time and in a good condition
5   - by Amazon User
Came quick and as described!
5   - by normanu0607
Very good.
5   - by Amazon User
Item as described. Good price.
5   - by Amazon User
Everything as advertised.
4   - by Amazon User
great purchase. Great seller
5   - by Amazon User
5   - by Amazon User
Book arrived promptly, well before the Jan 3 deadline. (Arrived 16 Nov). Book was in excellent condition.
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