Lady Sia

Lady Sia

  • Intense hand-to-hand combat and fast action with more than 36 levels and 32 enemies
  • Maneuver on treacherous terrain, master sword-play, and meet a host of friends and enemies
  • Includes puzzles
Editorial Review
In Lady Sia, you are the brave warrior princess of the title. Your mission is to save your kingdom from the T'soas, powerful beastmen led by an evil ruler named Onimen. Play begins with Lady Sia trapped in a deep, dark dungeon. To help her escape, you'll have to journey through a maze of dungeons, and, along the way, battle the tigermen, pelicanmen, and waspmen. But these aren't the only foes out to stop you; you must also be on the lookout for the weaselwomen and the chameleonmen. To win the day, Lady Sia must move fast, jump well, and wield her sword with plenty of skill.

To defeat the evil Onimen and the T'soas once and for all, you'll also have to overcome 21 monsters and play through 20 levels and a variety of realms. As you progress, you'll gain weapons and power-ups to uncover secret areas.

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Lady Sia
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