HP Printing Mailbox for use with Presto Service

HP Printing Mailbox for use with Presto Service

  • The HP Printing Mailbox automatically downloads and prints Presto e-mails over a standard phone line, without interrupting voice calls. It uses plain 8.5 x 11 paper and one standard HP print cartridge.
  • Presto Service only delivers messages from family and friends you have selected, so there’s no ads, no spam, no junk mail.
  • Presto Service includes a “presto.com” e-mail address and unlimited incoming email, photos and other great content from the Presto Newsstand.
  • Presto makes receiving e-mail, photos and other content effortless and eliminates the cost and hassle of a computer and Internet account.
Editorial Review
Finally, there's a new and easy way to share email and photos with loved ones who don't want to deal with the complexities of a computer. Now the email and digital photos you send simply print out at your loved one's home. They don't need a computer or Internet connection. It's simple for you and simple for them.

No computer required: The HP Printing Mailbox and Presto Service make it easy to send pictures, printed emails, and more. Presto consists of two components. The Presto Service, a unique digital delivery service which receives email, digital photos and other digital content from approved senders and converts them into beautiful printouts. And, the HP Printing Mailbox, which receives and prints the messages the Presto Service sends.

The HP Printing Mailbox shares an existing phone line to connect to the Presto Service and it uses plain paper and standard HP print cartridges. With Presto Service and the HP Printing Mailbox, family and friends send ordinary email and attached photos from any email client to a Presto user. Presto automatically transforms messages into beautiful full-color printouts.

Several times per day, on a schedule you choose, the HP Printing Mailbox dials in to the Presto Service to retrieve new messages and prints them in beautiful color--automatically! Presto only delivers messages from people on your Presto Friends list, so there are no ads, no spam, no junk mail. Purchase the HP Printing Mailbox, then call 1-800-919-3199 or go online to www.presto.com to purchase the Presto Service plan that's right for you. Choose from the $9.99 monthly plan or the $99.99 annual plan. Presto Service includes unlimited incoming email, photos and free content from the Presto Newsstand.

With the easy-to-use Presto Service, you get:
  • Presto Mail: Send email just like you do today, from your regular email account to Presto...

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HP Printing Mailbox for use with Presto Service
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