Pleo Dinosaur - A Ugobe Life Form

Pleo Dinosaur - A Ugobe Life Form

  • Pleo Interacts With You And Expresses Emotions
  • Pleo Explores And Responds To Its Environment
  • Pleo Is A Robotic Wonder With Over 35 Sensors And 14 Motors
Product Description
Pleo, a one week-old dinosaur, is a robotic marvel and the newest member of your family! Pleo interacts with you - moving organically, expressing emotion, autonomously exploring and responding to the world around him. Each Pleo has a unique personality that develops based on Pleo's life experiences with you. On owners can connect, find training tips and download new enhancements to Pleo. Pleo's sophisticated sensory system has devices that enable him to see, to sense touch, and to detect objects: a color camera, sound sensors, 2 infrared sensors, 14 motors, over 100 gears, 8 touch sensors, and an orientation sensor.

Happy and Curious
Pleo's natural disposition is alert and inquisitive. He ambles about with a bright eye, swaying tail, and leisurely pace, content to explore the sights, sounds, shapes, and textures of his world - and that, of course, includes you.

Playful and lively
If your Pleo loves a good tug-of-war or shows off in front of friends, congratulate yourself - it's all the fun you've had together that has made him the good sport that he is. In his excitement, he just might let loose with a few hoots and honks.

Scared and Surprised
Let's not forget that this Camarasaurus is just a baby. Something in Pleo's new environment scares him - see how he cowers? But the more he experiences, the more confident he becomes. And then he'll love surprises - the good kind.

Sad and Vexed
A sociable Pleo who's alone too long or a hungry Pleo who's not getting fed can turn into a sad Pleo. How can you tell? His droopy tail and forlorn look let you know that he's looking for a friendly pat or a taste of his favorite leaf. Does Pleo ever get upset? Well, everybody has his limits - let's just say you shouldn't pull that toe of his too hard.

Stroke Pleo from head to tail, and he'll blissfully arch his back. Call out to him or shine a light, and see how he responds. Just like us, Pleo experiences the world through his senses.

Pleo's hungry. Getting sleepy. But hey, what's that over there? Like any creature, Pleo feels hunger and fatigue - offset by powerful urges to explore and be nurtured. He'll graze, nap, and toddle about on his own - when he feels like it! Pleo can change his mind and his mood, just as you do.

With a playful honk or a pesky tug,...

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Pleo Dinosaur - A Ugobe Life Form
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