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GoSale.com provides shoppers with the ability to quickly find products from thousands of retailers across the web. These products can be compared for side-by-side analysis and the shopper can purchase the product from any store selling the item based on price, store reputation and personal preference. Many of our frequently asked questions can are answered below.
How can I purchase a product listed on GoSale.com?
Once you have found a product that you wish to purchase, a list of online stores selling that item will be displayed. After factoring in the selling price, shipping cost, and store reputation click on the "Buy Now" link for your chosen store. This link will take you directly to the product on the seller's site where you can review the information and ultimately purchase the product.
Do I purchase items directly from GoSale.com?
No, GoSale.com is not an online store. Instead, GoSale.com provides shoppers with a consolidated listing of over 3 million popular products from thousands of online retail stores. The actual purchase is placed through these stores.
Who should I contact for more information about a product?
If you have a specific question about a product, you should contact either the manufacturer or the store(s) selling the item.
Some products are listed as "Refurbished", "Open Box" or "Blemish", what does that mean?
Although most items listed on GoSale.com are new, some items may have slight defects and are typically categorized as being "Refurbished", "Blemished", or "Open Box" items. Generally, refurbished items were sent back to the manufacturer to be fixed, then returned to the retailer. Blemished items may include slight color defects or cosmetic inconsistencies. Open box items are typically used to describe a product in which the packaging has been opened, either for the purposes of using the product as a "display" or "demo" model or if the item was previously returned to the store by another customer. Open box items may or may not include all the components of a product, such as product manuals. Generally, the vendor's site will describe the exact status of the product and package contents. Refurbished, blemished, and open box items can be a wise economic choice but be sure to check with the store and read the description carefully as these definitions vary widely between vendors.
Who should I contact if I have a problem with the item I purchased?
If you should incur a problem with an item you purchased, you should contact the store that you purchased the item from directly.
How can I find a product that I want?
GoSale.com employs two methods to help you to find a desired product. If you know the exact product that you are looking for, using the search bar on the top of the page will generally be the quickest way to find the product. Entering the manufacturer and product name are usually effective when searching. For more information about effective searching, see our list of search tips.
If you know the type of product that you wish to purchase but are unsure of the exact model to buy, browsing the categories is typically the best method. For example, if you wish to purchase a digital camera but are unsure which camera is right for your needs, simply click on the Photo category and then navigate to the Digital Cameras. You can then order the products by price or average customer review and you can even filter the results based on your preferences. By checking the checkboxes you can also compare two or more products side-by-side.
How can I return a product that I found on GoSale.com?
If you wish to return a product you must follow the instructions and return policy of the store that you purchased the item from.

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